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E-M:/ Zero-Cut, The Campaign to End Logging on Public Lands

Enviro-Mich message from fenner@PioneerPlanet.infi.net (Ray Fenner)

I would like to add to the earlier post regarding the National Forest
Protection and Restoration Act (NFPRA). It failed to mention the Zero-Cut
Campaign. NFPRA is a product of work done by members of the Zero-Cut
Campaign and its coordinating committee. They researched and published most
of the facts and figures used in the fight to end commercial logging on
public lands. The brochure "Logging Our National Forests: Clearcut or
Zero-Cut Now?" mentioned in the previous post is a product of our campaign.
The Zero-Cut Campaign now has over 230 groups, businesses and organizations
supporting NFPRA and the end of commercial logging in our national forests.
Recent polls have shown that a vast majority (almost 70% in the last poll)
of both Republicans and Democrats favor ending commercial logging on our
public lands. We now have 36 co-sponsers signed onto NFPRA. These
co-sponsers include both Republicans and Democrats. The Zero-Cut Campaign
has an office in Indiana and will add another office in Washington D.C. at
the beginning of 1999.

Superior Wilderness Action Network (SWAN) represents the Great Lakes Region
of MN,WI and MI on the national coordinating committee of the Zero-Cut
Campaign, along with several other groups representing different regions of
the country, and is a contact for that campaign.  We have been active in
the states of MI, MN and WI for seven years now and have called for an end
to commercial logging on our public lands since our inception.

I need input from individuals, groups and organizations in MI regarding
ending commercial logging on National Forests in MI and elsewhere. I am
also in the process of gathering the names of those individuals, groups and
organizations in MI that support ending commercial logging in our national
forests. If those in support of NFPRA could let me know I would appreciate
it. If you have any questions about the campaign please feel free to
contact me.


Ray Fenner
Executive Director
Superior Wilderness Action Network

2052 Carroll Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104

Phone: 651-646-6277
Fax: 651-647-4400

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