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E-M:/ Heads up Carson City...Crystal Refining waste site

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Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 17:41:43 -0500 (EST)
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For Immediate Release: November 2, 1998

No. 98-OPA330


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5
said today that its $3.7 million cleanup at the Crystal
Refining Co. site (Carson City, MI) is now complete. 

The site, at 801 North Williams St., was a crude-oil
refinery from 1935 to 1991. It includes a 12.5-acre
parcel and a 18-acre parcel, separated by a
cemetery and the inactive Grand Trunk Railroad line. 

Last April, a Chicago-based Superfund emergency
response team, in cooperation with Michigan
Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), began
work at the site. The project included: 

- Construction of a ground-water collection and
treatment system, which will prevent further oil
releases in nearby Fish Creek.

- Demolition and off-site disposal of 1,500 tons of
refinery equipment, including pipelines, oil tanks,
asbestos-covered equipment, and hazardous material
from a process laboratory.

- Consolidation and off-site disposal of 250 oil tanks
and 500 drums and small containers of various
chemicals and chemical wastes.

- Treatment and off-site disposal of 17,000 tons of
contaminated material from eight sludge lagoons.

Significantly, the sale of scrap metal generated
$140,000 from a local recycling facility, which was
used to defray the cost of the project. EPA also
regraded the entire property and repaired access
roads in the cemetery and along the site border.

With the cleanup complete, MDEQ assumes
responsibility for operation and maintenance of the
ground-water collection and treatment system. The
site is now available for redevelopment, with future
use of the site to be coordinated through MDEQ.

Funding for the cleanup was shared by two EPA
statutes: Superfund ($1.9 million) and the Oil
Pollution Act ($1.8 million). 

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