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E-M:/ Michigan and West Virginia sue EPA

Enviro-Mich message from wrightd@voyager.net (David Wright)

        Michigan and West Virginia have filed suit in Federal Court to
block EPA from implementing the smog transport rule.  The suit was filed on
Friday in Washington, D.C.  Michigan's attorney general filed the suit at
the request of Mr. Russ Harding, Director of Michigan's Department of
Environmental Quality.

        Implementation of the EPA rule will reduce the amount of NOx
transported into Michigan from Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.  In
addition, it will reduce the amount of NOx emitted in Michigan.  The rule
is good for Michigan's air, water, and public health.  Utilities that
operate older coal-fired power plants, which are allowed to pollute more
than a new plant, are fighting this new rule (i.e. Consumers Energy and
Detroit Edison).  And, Michigan is now doing their legal dirty work.  Our
public funds are being spent to fight for the right of corporate interests
to keep polluting our environment and damaging public health.  I say let
the utilities do their own dirty work.

        Please contact me off enviro-mich if you are interested in learning
more about what's going on with this suit and more importantly if you are
interested in working to see that the rule is implemented.


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