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E-M:/ Crystalline Silica and Michigan

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Today the Board of the federal National Toxicology Program, which is an 
interagency group responsible for coordination of toxicology studies
between federal agencies, is proposing to list crystalline silica
as an agency "known to be a human carcinogen" 
(cancer causing agent) in their listings.....

....but back here in the State of Michigan, the Engler Administration 
recently deregulated crystalline silica for the purpose of reviews of 
new toxic air pollution sources in favor of a plan to consider silica
to be the same as ordinary dust and not subject to risk assessments
and best available control technology for toxics reviews.

This was done at the behest of the highway lobby (concrete crushers)
and the Honigman law firm.

Meanwhile, this past summer, the Engler Administration allowed the worst
fugitive dust problems in recent memory (even worse than problems which 
occurred at the Lafarge site in Alpena) to occur for the dry part of the 
year in the little community of White Pine next to the Copper Range White 
Pine mine site in the Western Upper Peninsula.   Copper Range allowed
major portions of its extensive (5500 acres -- visible from outer space) 
tailings basins to dry out allowing uncontrolled emissions of this 
human carcinogen.

Consistent with the Engler Administration opposition to the recently 
enacted, more stringent national air quality standards, MDEQ field

---- minimized public concern about the health effects of the uncontrolled
      of this extremely fine particulate matter, including carcinogenic silica,
      on school children and area residents

---- failed to cite Copper Range for a violation of air pollution rule 901,
      prohibits emissions which interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of
life and 
      property and which affect health

---- failed to require the company to submit a legally enforceable fugitive dust
      control plan that is a requirement under the air pollution rules for
facilities with
      demonstrable fugitive emissions problems.

Perhaps Engler Administration inaction on demonstrable health threats will be 
coming to a community near you.....

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