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Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <fambrose@igc.apc.org>

In a reply I made the other day about the state/national forests in 
Michigan(a reply to a reply to Murray's piece about the state forests), I 
made a mistake in some of the numbers.

Please note that recreation on Michigan's National Forests will only 
bring 23  times more jobs and 16 times more income to local communities 
than logging.

I missread my fact sheet and wrote the numbers down for Ohio.

The real number figures for recreation and logging are:
Recreation- 36,837
Logging- 1,629

Recreation- $1,473,475,000
Logging- $89,760,000

These numbers still say the same thing -destroying the forests through 
logging will not bring the most money into local economies, and will not 
employ the most people.

Can you have them both?  No.  Logging clearly(no pun) destroys local 
ability to attract recreationists. People are not interested in vast 
plantation of young pine trees and in open fields due to clearcutting.

Hunters do not like clearcut areas as much as hikers(you can not shoot 
anything that is more than 15 yards away after a couple of years), and 
trout fisherpeople do not like to fish in silted out streams(which 
happen everytime a skidder or log truck goes through it).

Sorry about the mess up the other day.

Frank Ambrose  

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