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E-M:/ leaf burning survey

Hello E-M,
Here are the names of Michigan communities reported to me that allow leaf burning in their own words.  Based upon these results, one could conclude that 1) most Michigan communities have banned leaf burning or 2) leaf burning is such a blatant problem that most E-Mer's didn't bother reporting or...  Some very kind people from Wayne County reported no burn there AWA Ann Arbor, Lansing and East Lansing and Grand Rapids. 
It's been fun.   I feel better.   I'd like to thank all those who took the time to respond to this leaf burn poll.  I enjoyed reading your writing.   Please feel free to make your own conclusions.
Bill Williston

Greenville, MI which is about 30 miles NE of Grand Rapids are in Montcalm County. The city does not allow in town leaf burning and does have curbside leaf pick up. The surrounding townships generally allow leaf burning and do not have pick up.

Mason, Michigan. We do indeed have curbside leaf pickup, but I have on occasion seen people burning leaves anyway.

Here in Potterville MI, burning leaves is allowed. Haven't seen anyone burning as of yet...

Augusta, MI, allows leaf burning in the fall and most residents do so. No curbside leaf pickup is available.

Caledonia Township in Kent County allows leaf-burning (by orndinance) during a two week period during the Fall, but the fact of the matter is that this is not enforced and people burn leaves and other things whenever they like

. My township, by the way is Robinson (near Grand Haven ed.), in Ottawa County, and while we do not have curbside yard waste pickup, we do have at least one composting company in the township.

Here's what I know for St. Joseph County: (communities that prohibit burn removed ed.)

Village of Centreville - allows burning - does try to pick up at curb -

Village of Mendon - allows burning - doesn't do anything
Village of White Pigeon - allows burning - does collect at curb
Fabius Twp - allows burning
Village of Burr Oak - allows burning - will pick up in fall, but takes to Village burn site.
Mottville Twp - allows by permit
Village of Constantine - allows burning - does collect in fall and has year round drop-off

Where I live in Williamston Township, there is no township provided leaf pick-up. The commercial trash services offer it for an extra fee. The township permits leaf burning but not in our subdivision (at request of subdivision).