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E-M:/ Eric Sharp on Hunting Protests

Enviro-Mich message from anderlik@traverse.com (Chris Anderlik)

To the Editor: ( Detroit Free Press)
        Poor Eric, his 2 columns/week aren't enough to spread his hunting
propaganda!  Maybe he should move up to Traverse City where 2 days in a row
dead deer pictures in color were served up to us on the front page to spoil
our breakfast.  There's something morbid about that yearly ritual.  There's
something exciting about 40 protestors unselfishly trying to protect
innocent deer.
        As for animal rights people not being environmentalists---the fact
that most animal rights people are vegetarians makes them the ultimate
environmentalists.  The raising of meat for those big steaks and pork chops
which hunters and those who call themselves environmentalists consume is
one of the greatest abuses of nature.
       Maybe Sharp is confusing deer overpopulation with human
overpopulation.  After all the animals did just fine before the great human
predator entered the scene.  Mankind has created the deer overpopulation by
manipulation and artificial feeding.
        Although primarily an animal rights person, I challenge any hunter
who claims to be an environmentalist to pit his record against mine in
environmental efforts.

Chris Anderlik
4 animals  

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