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Enviro-Mich message from melmoth@dmci.net (Melmoth, Kathy)

This sunday morning, taking a walk to the back of our farm, checking the
winterberry we grow as a crop, we found a dead 6 point buck laying in
the middle of one of our fields. "Gut shot" my husband said. We do not
hunt, our farm is posted, we see signs of poachers all over. Last Sunday
we were surrounded by the sound of guns all day long. 
Last summer the DNR came out and helped us restore 2 wetlands on our
farm. Of course the deer come and drink there and  the neighbors line up
at the fenceline to pick them off. I'm sorry we restored the one wetland
In the Jackson Citizen Patriot, we are frequently subjected to Ted
Nugent's killing stories. There apparently is no other reason to be in
the woods than to kill anything that moves. That is the message. If
anyone out there knows of some columnist with a more balanced view of
the outdoors, like Glenn Dudderar, that I could recommend to the Jackson
Citizen Patriot, I would be pleased to call and write the paper.
Looking at a deer that died a slow death in our fields, I  have to laugh
at the rationale of the hunters out there that "if we did not kill deer,
they would starve to death". 
I am pretty angry and that anger at hunters is growing. As open land
disappears, the conflicts between folks who want to observe wildlife and
folks who want to kill it will intensify. 
Sincerely, Kathy Melmoth, Pittsford, MI

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