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E-M:/ Interim Remedial Action on White Pine mine

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Notice Date:   November 16, 1998

Subject:   Interim Remedial Action, Fresh Water Capping Project, 
Copper Range Company, White Pine Mine

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has received for review a copy
Copper Range Company's (CRC) document entitled "Proposal to Monitor
the Flooding of the White Pine Mine,"  prepared by Dr. Allan M. Johnson, 
and dated September 30, 1998.   The proposal outlines the chemical and
monitoring plan for the freshwater filling of the White Pine Mine.   The
proposal also 
included the plan for a hydrologic assessment of the mine following complete

If you would like more information, copies of the complete document can be
viewed at:

Carp Lake Township Library, White Pine, MI, Attn Olivia Sanders
Marquette Public Library, Marquette, MI, Attn. Caroline Jordan
Library of Michigan, Lansing, MI   Attn. Bernadette Bartlett
Mich. Tech Univ. Lib, Houghton, MI  Attn. Phyllis Johnson
Vaughan Public Library, Ashland,  WI   Attn Jim Trojanowski
Madison Public Library, Madison WI   Attn. Document Coordinator

The MDEQ is requesting public comment on the proposal to be submitted by
DECEMBER  3, 1998.

Comments should be addressed to:

Mr. Robert Delaney
MDEQ Environmental Response Division
PO Box 30426
Lansing, MI   48909-7926

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding this 
proposal, please do not hesitate to contact the project manager, Mr.  Robert
Delaney at 517 373 7406 of you may contact me.


Daniel Schultz, Chief
Field Operations Section 
MDEQ Environmental Response Division
(517) 241 7706


Poster's note....

This concerns the attempt to use a "fresh water cap" to either prevent 
or delay the discharge of brine from the White Pine Mine.   Potential 
issues include heavy metals content in the brine/discharge,
the adequacy of predictive  mine filling models,  the potential for
PCB's in the discharge left over from PCB materials which may be 
present in collapsed/unsafe portions of the mine, the presence of 
oil/hydrocarbon materials that will float on top of the "cap", etc.  

Russell Harding will be making a final decision on the mine filling 
in January after MDEQ staff submit their recommendation.   Other 
issues involve financial assurances for treatment of any brines
discharged in the future, remediation of serious dust emissions from 
unvegetated tailings, surface water quality problems....

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