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E-M:/ Meat vs. Veggie

In this season of gratefulness and from here on, let us put aside our specific ideological food differences and appreciate the effort and intentionallity the vast majority of environmentalists exhibit in our lives.   Only in this country can we be selective about our food choices - we have everything in abundance to pick from to the extent it becomes a moral decision.   How lucky are we!   Knowing the issues and making the decisions about our food consumption habits that are right for our health and the environment are critical.  The "greener than thou" theory of living and preaching to the "choir" only serves to alienate other activists. We need to respect each other and appreciate the holy work we are all engaged in.
How about the idea that if we are to become 'native' to this land we need to consume those foods, both meat and vegetable, that are readily available and indigenous.  If it weren't for meat consumption many of the past human inhabitants of this land and parts north would not have survived.  Of course that might not have been all bad....
Just some thoughts.
Sue Kelly