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Re: E-M:/ Meat vs. Veggie

Enviro-Mich message from SWDulan@aol.com

I would like to echo part of Sue Kelly's post.   

I originally signed on to this list because I am concerned about the
destruction of the environment by inefficient development and industrial

I am also a hunter.  I have been my whole life. I have thought it through and
I find mine to be a moral position.  It seems to be the assumption of some who
post here that deer and other game species would live forever but for the acts
of hunters.  Death is part of the life cycle and I won't apologize for taking
an active role once or twice per year to help remind me what nature really is
like, and how my grandfather survived several winters in the UP.

I am not trying to cause more controversy. I just want to point out that
reasonable minds can disagree on some issues.  I want to suggest that we focus
on issues that we can all agree on.  

As a hunter, I am not the enemy.  We all want a healthy environment. Our real
opponents are the urbanized masses who either don't care at all about
environmental issues or consider all open land to be "undeveloped" in the
sense of just needing a few subdivisions and strip malls.  

Let us work together to keep the air and water clean and the forests healthy.
We will find time and space for responsible hunting and bird watching alike if
we will stop fighting in a burning house.  

I know that it is easier and more fun to stake out an extreme position and
defend it as the moral high ground.  However, all of you non-hunters should
think twice before turning your back on a large group of well-organized and
well-funded potential allies.

Steven W. Dulan JD
Attorney at Law

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