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"NO" on thread for E-M:/ Meat vs. Veggie

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

I am going to insist on an early HALT to the meat vs. veggie thread and 
the entire issue of the propriety/appropriateness of consuming deer as food.

This does not specifically and directly relate to Michigan environmental
protection and conservation.

General discussion of this nature is "off topic" on a list whose
focus is Michigan environmental protection and conservation.

Discussion of Michigan deer management issues is relevant.  Discussion
of deer induced agricultural damage in Michigan is relevant.   Discussion of the
Michigan Department of Agriculture attempting to call the shots on 
deer management in NE Michigan is relevant.

However, general discussions of the appropriateness of deer hunting, general
discussions on the ethics of consuming deer, general discussions of 
the esthetics of live deer vs. buck poles are all NOT RELEVANT and OFF-TOPIC
on EM.

Please ensure that postings are specifically directed to the
issue of Michigan environmental protection and conservation issues
(including Great Lakes issues) and citizen political/organizing/educational
action in Michigan on  environmental protection and conservation issues, 
(i.e. students at UM holding a national EJ conference, Cleanwater action chapter
activity in Michigan ramping up on a national issue,  a national 
environmental speaker at a Michigan campus, etc.).    

All discussion of the environmental decisionmaking by Michigan 
elected officials, including the Michigan Congressional Delegation,
is relevant.    Discussion of local environmental issues in Michigan
is very relevant to EM.   Discussion of the environmental effects of 
Michigan industrial and commercial facilities is relevant.

Purely personal replies to items posted on the list are NOT
relevant and should only be sent only  to the original posting party.
Items that only relate in a only a peripheral way to Michigan environmental
protection and conservation are NOT relevant.   Purely national
materials with no Michigan content or context are NOT relevant.   (National
materials can be made relevant by including specific explanation 
of its direct relevance to Michigan and specifically identifying Michigan 
elected officials targeted for political action.)

Please remember that every time you post, your message goes
to over 500 people.   We're not concerned here about everyone
having the "last word."   Too much "chatter" on the list reduces 
its value for information sharing and dissemination, which is a 
more important objective of the list than carrying on discussions
(an important, but still a lower priority EM list function).

Highly sensitive political and campaign strategic information should 
not be posted here as this list is being monitored by what
I call the "opposition"......   all of  the electric utilities in Michigan, 
high political officials of the Engler Administration, at least 7 lawyers in 
the Honigman law firm.....  items posted here should only be
for public consumption.   This is the price that is paid for 
operating in a way that is highly available to the general public.

Alexander J. Sagady, Enviro-Mich Listowner
Volunteer, Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter

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Environmental Consulting and Database Systems
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