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Re: E-M:/ Recycling bike tires/inner tubes

Enviro-Mich message from "Lucinda J. Means" <lmbike@voyager.net>

John Rebers wrote:

> >dispose of or (preferably) recycle his old inner tubses and tires for
> >bikes.  Do you have any ideas or leads for him?  He is willing to transport
> >them whereever if he has to.  If you can get back to me about
> >this...thanks..Tasha

This company is for-profit and recycles selected old bike parts and
accessories into furniture, jewelry and other items.  I've seen their
catalogue and their merchandise is beautiful.  I've also seen one or two
of their items and they appear to be good quality.  Bike shops and
individuals cyclists have to trash tons of bike junk that is worn out or
broken; recycling it is a better option.

The company staffer with whom I've corresponded is Graham and their
email address is/was Tubeties@aol.com.  Note that they *don't* take all
bike parts, just certain ones.  Hope this helps.

Their "blurb" follows:

Resource Revival is dedicated to created new uses for discarded
materials.  We
collect used bicycle parts and other interesting objects from around the
United States and turn them into useful and elegant new products such as
picture frames, furniture and candle holders.  We pay $.70 per pound,
delivered, for bicycle chain, motorcycle chain, cogs, cog sets,
and rust-free bicycle wheels.  We also accept, but cannot pay for,
inner tubes, drop handlebars, reflectors, brake levers, and bike cable.
Interested parties should call 800-866-8823.

Lucinda J. Means
Executive Director
League of Michigan Bicyclists
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