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E-M:/ Fw: 1998 Hunter Info - Michigan

Enviro-Mich message from "Ann Frisch" <fan46@execpc.com>

This from Detroit News.  Immediately following a letter to TIME magazine
kids and hunting article from last week's issue.  A letter to TIME showing
the environmental and policy implications of "management" follows.  Best,

Date: Wednesday, December 02, 1998 11:48 AM
Subject: 1998 Hunter Info - Michigan

>Detroit News - 12/2/98
>Hunters See Most Deadly Firearms Season In 6 Years
>Five killed in state, with four fatalities last weekend alone.
>By:  Steve Pardo and John U. Bacon
>  LANSING -- Michigan’s firearm deer hunting season was the deadliest in
>years following the shooting deaths of four hunters last weekend.
>  Prior to last weekend, the two-week hunting period was one of the safest
>record with only one hunter killed.
>  "When I heard the reports of the two fatalities in Ingham and Livingston
>counties I was just devastated, " Lt. Sue Koppelo, the DNR officer in
>of hunter safety administration said of two of last weekend’s deaths.
>  "And when I got to the office I received two additional reports of
>being killed.  I thought, ‘What happened, we haven’t had these kinds of
>numbers in years."
>  John Harten, 33, of Mason, was killed Sunday morning after he was shot by
>his 64-year-old stepfather while hunting in Ingham County, authorities
>Later that day, Thomas E. Ritter, 56, of Pinckney, was killed while hunting
>Ingham County.  Ingham County sheriff’s deputies said a 39-year-old
>Township man fired the fatal shot.  Detective Todd Luzod said the
>office would decide whether to file charges in those shootings.
>  Neither victim wore bright orange clothing as required by law, but
>are responsible for identifying their targets before shooting, Koppelo
>  "But in the limited light of fall, those two might still be alive if they
>had worn some orange," Koppelo said.
>  The other two weekend deaths involved an accidental self-inflicted
>Friday in Jackson and a hunter whose body was found Saturday in Berrien
>  The season’s first fatality was Nov. 16 when a 46-year-old Bridgeton man
>hunting in Alcona County was shot by another hunter from about 150 yards
>Koppelo said.
>  The state DNR has not recorded more than three fatalities during firearm
>deer hunting season since 1992.
>  More than 800,000 licensed hunters killed an estimated 285,000 deer from
>Nov. 15 through Monday.  The state’s deer population is between 1.5 million
>and 1.8 million.
>  The DNR expects the number of deer killed this year to be higher than
>year’s harvest of 478,725.  Mild weather during the Nov. 15-30 season was a
>major factor in deer hunting success, said DNR deer specialist John Urbain.
>  The recent mild weather helped hunters stay out longer and hunt harder,
>Urbain said.  Another factor adding to the firearm season’s apparent
>story was that 94% of the cornfields had been cut or picked before the Nov.
>opener.  Corn cutting removes huge hiding spots for deer, and makes them
>easier for firearm hunters to see.
>  Urbain said buck numbers are up slightly from 1997, and anterless deer
>very high.  More hunters than normal chose to fill their anterless tags
>Firearm Deaths, Injuries by year
>Source:  Michigan DNR
>Year Killed Injured
>1987 7 36
>1988 3 48
>1989 4 31
>1990 5 38
>1991 5 24
>1992 5 29
>1993 3 29
>1994 3 18
>1995 3 22
>1996 1 15
>1997 2 25
>1998 5 17

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