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Date: Friday, November 27, 1998 3:33 PM
Subject: Kid hunters: TIME story
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>TIME magazine letters, TIME & LIFE Bldg, Rockefeller Center, NY 10020.
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>Norman Pearlstine is Editor-in-Chief; Henry Muller is Editorial 
>Director; Don Logan is Chairman and CEO.
>Absent from the story is the old lawyer's question, "Who profits?"  
>WHY are state wildlife agencies so keen to indoctrinate kids to 
>hunting?  WHY are deer so abundant?
>Hunting is unnecessary.  Hunts are not held for wildlife population 
>control, but to provide "recreational opportunities" (live targets) 
>for hunters.  Deer are so numerous chiefly because the 1937 federal 
>Pittman-Robertson law (16 USC 669-669i; 50 CFR Part 80) requires that 
>state game managers' paychecks come from the licenses their 
>departments sell.  Managers deliberately, systematically, manipulate 
>deer into overpopulation for hunters.  They manage for "Maximum 
>Sustained Yield" (their term).
>Phony "facts" in the article actually must be unattributed quotations 
>or the reporters' opinions.  "The real threat to wildlife is not 
>hunters but rather loss of habitat... Hunting, in fact, is the 
>primary -- and most humane--instrument of wildlife managment in much 
>of the country... Unless the [deer] herds are brought under control 
>by hunters, they cause auto accidents and the spread of Lyme disease 
>through deer ticks."  But that's not true.
>(1) Using clearcuts, burning, tillage, herbicides, 'dozing, disking, 
>chaining, flooding, and draining, game managers actively DESTROY 
>habitats (maturing, extensive public forests) needed by hundreds of 
>depleted nongame species that require old growth and forest interiors 
>--e.g., Neotropical migrant birds, salamanders, secondary cavity 
>nesters, accipiters, owls, spring ephemeral wildflowers, black bears--
> in order to increase browse supplies and young, broken and burnt 
>habitats preferred by already-abundant gunfodder species like deer.  
>In Georgia, forest fragmentation is collapsing 90 songbird species' 
>(2) Because hunting (a) underpins game agency payrolls and (b) 
>managers manipulate hunting regulations to INCREASE the number of 
>animals for the gun, it is indeed the "primary instrument of wildlife 
>management."  Therefore traditional wildlife management should be 
>abolished.  It overrepresents hunters at the expense of broader 
>public interests.
>(3) Death or crippling by gunshot or bowshot is the OPPOSITE of what 
>is humane.
>(4) Car-deer wrecks and Lyme disease are population DENSITY-dependent 
>(5) STOPPING GROWING DEER is the solution to car-deer wrecks and Lyme 
>disease.  Hunters and management CAUSE the problems they pretend to 
>(6) Why is it "too many" DEER we are always hearing of, not 
>overflowing robins, turtles, or bats?  Deer are the big-money, big-
>game species that hunters demand from their handmaidens at the 
>(7) Little known to the public, state wildlife agencies are in the 
>deer-growing business to maximize their "harvest" of taxpayer dollars 
>from U.S. and state treasuries.  Their political constituency 
>withered by 1997 to just 5.5% of the U.S. population.  They are 
>frantic to stop the loss.  Like King Canute who commanded the tide, 
>they will fail.  Their own studies have predicted hunting's demise by 
>(8) Why are macho men hiding behind children?  Research done decades 
>ago at Yale's forestry school found that boys who don't hunt by ages 
>8-10 are unlikely to take it up later.  The director of Georgia's 
>game agency, the DNR Wildlife "Resources" Division wrote, "The child 
>you take hunting today may save hunting for tomorrow... We're 
>exploring every way we can to salvage hunting."
>(9) Where deer are nature-managed and unhunted -- as in most National 
>Parks -- there are no more deer or other animals than the land can 
>support.  There, deer numbers fluctuate in smooth natural cycles 
>(even where hunters wiped out big natural predators long ago) because 
>it is weather, natural food supplies, space, competition, and other 
>natural factors that govern deer populations and densities in natural 
>(10) Management's guru Lowell Halls, has written, "It is not 
>necessary that deer populations be harvested... The disturbed forest 
>is likely to produce a greater number of deer than the pristine 
>forest... Management for maximum sustained yield will produce the 
>greatest number of bucks..." (in "Whitetail deer in eastern 
>wilderness areas," _Wilderness areas in the eastern United States: a 
>management challenge_, D.L. Kulhavy and R.N. Conner, eds, May 13-15, 
>1985, Nacogdoches TX, ISBN 0-938361-00-7).
>(11) A game agency produces deer partly by regulating hunters so that 
>the herd remaining after hunting season is concentrated with fawns 
>and young, pregnant females: hallmark of an EXPANDING population.  
>"Ideally, if the desired number of antlered and antlerless deer are 
>taken each year the herd will be comprised of the lowest number of 
>males and the highest number of breeding females.  As a result, a 
>maximum fawn crop will be produced each year."  NY Department of 
>Environmental Conservation, "The Conservationist," Sept-Oct 1978.
>John Eberhart
>Georgia Earth Alliance
>a PRO-ANIMAL nature preservation organization
>PO Box 1231
>Fayetteville GA  30214-6231
>(770) 416-4500
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