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Enviro-Mich message from Julie Stoneman <juliemec@voyager.net>

>From MEC's Land Stewardship Initiative:

New compromise state revenue sharing legislation, supported by Governor
Engler, passed out of the House last week.  Although it does not link revenue 
sharing with larger land use policy, HB 5989 (H-3)substantially reduces the
amount of revenue sharing dollars that would have gone to unincorporated
rural areas, at the expense of cities like Detroit, under a Senate Bill
1181 sponsored by Sen. Glen Steil (R-Grand Rapids.)  Part of the compromise
includes a ten-year
freeze on Detroit's revenue share for ten years as
well as a cut in Detroit's income taxes (in a
separate bill tie-barred to HB 5989 (H-3)).

HB 5989 (H-3) will have a tough battle in the Senate during this last week
of the 1998 session. Although
not perfect, it does a far better job of protecting urban areas and
preventing subsidization of sprawl.  But Senate Republicans like Steil are
upset that townships do not
fare better under the new bill and will fight to shift
money from cities.  If they fail to pass it this year,
Detroit and other urban areas will likely get even less
favorable treatment in a Republican controlled legislature.

The Michigan Municipal League is urging Senate support of HB 5989 (H-3)
without amendments.  MEC urges listserv readers to do the same.  Call state
senators immediately, 517-
373-1837 (state switchboard).

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