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E-M:/ Michigan Environmental Hero's & Zeros

The National REP America has just listed its Environmental Hero's & Zero's.  I am sure, much to everyone's surprise, that not one Republican from Michigan was chosen as a hero or honorable mention.  However, there were none listed as a zero either.  But Joe Knollenberg did get his name listed under dishonorable mentions.
I will work on getting out the Michigan list soon.  I know Vern Ehlers will be on the list as a hero.  I will post this as soon as I can.
One thing that did come out in the newsletter, is somewhat disturbing.  Now this comes from National, and had no input from Michigan REP's.  I can see the point, but, would like to say this is a perfect example of "Greenscamming"
     "Michigan voters, urged on by Republican Governor John Engler, approved
      a $675 million bond issue to fund river and lake cleanup, pollution prevention,
      and waterfront restoration.
      Republican Governors such as Engler.....were re-elected easily because they
      have taken a problem-solving approach to governing, focusing on issues that
      voters have said they care about, including the environment."
Now we all know what a fine example of an environmental govornor Engler is.  But for folks who don't know.  I am sure that since he initiatied the CMI, he would look environmental.  I guess that we all need to work a little harder, so that he actually becomes what he looks like.
Tamilyn H. Sanderson
REP America
Republicans for Environmental Protection
Michigan Coordinator
1384 Maxwell Rd.
Petoskey, MI 49770