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E-M:/ Humbug Marsh Update

Enviro-Mich message from kathleen walz <kbrown@wnol.net>

Although Russell Harding's office (DEQ) refused the easement alteration
permits for development of Humbug Marsh and wetlands the destruction of
the upland area continues.  Large construction equipment has been on
site since November 26 and continues to clear cut.  The citizens of
Gibraltar are outraged at the press release from Made In Detroit that
the cutting was necessary for an archeological dig.  They insult the
environment and intelligence of the people of Michigan.  This clear
cutting is an arrogant dismissal of environmentally sensitive uplands. 
Marsh degradation must follow from increased run off.  Russell Harding's
office has stated MEPA is "bull crap".  My question is this, does anyone
know how to stop the destruction of the upland area?  Is there an
injunction action to be taken.  I am not an attorney.  I had my heart
set on MUCC being able to stop the development through court action but
if there is any further delay the 400 acre site will be greatly harmed. 
I have contacted Carl Levin, John Dingell, George Mans, and Bill
Clinton.  Does anyone have God's e-mail address?  Desperate in
Gibraltar, Kathleen Law

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