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E-M:/ U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Michigan

Enviro-Mich message from lisa_williams@mail.fws.gov

     Hello, folks.
     Alex invited me to provide an introduction to the U.S. Fish and 
     Wildlife Service in Michigan on enviro-mich.  The Service has built 
     (and is expanding) websites which describe our mission, activities, 
     and various offices, so I'll invite you to check those out rather than 
     re-inventing the wheel here.
     Probably the best place to start is our Region 3 (MI, MN, WS, OH, IN, 
     IL, IA, MO) homepage:
     The East Lansing Field Office where I am at is part of Ecological 
     Services.  You can find out more about us by following the following 
     links from that homepage:
     "Ecological Services"
     Activities by State --> "Michigan"  --> "East Lansing Ecological 
     Services Office"
     Our office's most recent major accomplishment has been the successful 
     completion of a negotiated settlement with General Motors and the 
     cities of Bay City and Saginaw which will result in removal of 
     PCB-contaminated sediments from the Saginaw River, restoration of 
     habitat in the Saginaw River/Bay watershed, and improvements in public 
     use of natural resources in the area.  Our co-trustees for this 
     settlement are the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and 
     the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe.
     If you don't have web access and would like some of this information, 
     send me an e-mail at lisa_williams@mail.fws.gov and I'll see what I 
     can do about clipping sections of our webpages and e-mailing them to 
     Keep up the good work out there!
     -Lisa Williams

    Lisa L. Williams, Ph.D
    Contaminants Specialist    
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    2651 Coolidge Road
    East Lansing, MI  48823

    (517)351-8324  direct phone
    (517)351-2555  general office phone
    (517)351-1443  fax



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