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E-M:/ Ottawa Sale

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <fambrose@bloomington.in.us>

Below is a scoping I just recieved yesterday. The Ottawa is planning to
cut within the corridor of a National Wild and Scenic River.

I have written a comment for this sale, and will provide it as a draft for
anyone who requests it. 

Frank Ambrose

Ottawa                Iron River Ranger District National              990
LaHey Road
Forest                Iron River, Michigan 49935 (906)265 5139 FTS
(906)265-6536 FAX

United States Department of
Forest Ser,vice
Reply to: 1900, Hay Meadow VMP
Date: December 8, 1998

Dear Friend:
I am asking for your input on a vegetative management project being
planned on the Ottawa National Forest. This project is called the Hay
Meadow Vegetative Management Project.
Proposed Action
The proposed action is to perform a individual tree selection harvest on
approximately 517 acres of northern hardwood stands in Sections 5 and 6 of
T44N-R35W; and in Sections 31 and 32 of T45N-R35W, Iron County, Michigan.
Please refer to the enclosed map for a more exact description of the
project area. The project would be accomplished through a commercial
timber sale. The sale would be sold in 2000, and would be harvested over a
period of approximately 3- 5 years. Existing roads would be used to access
the area; some roads may be closed to street- legal vehicles after project
implementation to maintain remote habitat character. Currently, almost all
of the woods roads within the project area are closed with berms. In
addition, the following improvement work is proposed: releasing
approximately ten acres of regenerating white pine trees and maintaining
several permanent openings.
The Hay Meadow project area falls primarily within Management Areas 2. 1,
with a minor amount in MA 8. 1. Management Area 2.1 favors a continuous
canopy of northern hardwoods, interspersed with some stands of aspen and
softwoods, with occasional temporary openings. T', combination of openings
and dense forest cover favors shade-tolerant plant species and associated
Management area 8.1 direction protects and guides management activity
within designated National Wild and Scenic River (NWSR) Corridors. The
portion of the North Branch of the Paint River is classified as a
Recreational Class River under the Michigan NWSR Act of 199 1. Minimal
activity is planned within the river corridor, and no management activity
would occur within 300 feet of the river.
Purpose and Need
The proposed action described above would implement the Ottawa National
Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (ONF-LRMP) and comply with
direction for Management Areas 2.1 and 8. 1. The primary purpose of this
project is to improve the quality and structure of northern hardwood
stands while also accomplishing wildlife habitat objectives. Individual
tree selection cuts would remove trees of all size classes to achieve
desired stand density and composition; regeneration is promoted through
small canopy gaps. This type of management favors the production of
high-quality larger diameter trees on a sustained basis. Wildlife habitat
objectives would be achieved through: a) enhancement/maintainance of
long-lived species near and within the river corridor; b) enhancement of
permanent forest openings;, 
c) maintentance of snags and den trees; d) retention/enhancement of some
large-diameter trees; e) protection and improvement of conifers; and f)
maintenance of road densities in line with guidelines for remote habitat.
Additional benefits would include the production of hardwood pulpwood and
sawtimber products for area processing facilities and contribute to
economic stability directly and indirectly as stated in the Forest Plan.
How your responses will be used
Your comments will be used to identify the significant issues and to guide
the environmental analysis and documentation. Please be as specific as
possible when responding with an issue. Also, although you are welcome to
comment at any time, your response will be the most helpful to us in
shaping the alternatives if received within 30 days of the date of this
letter. You must respond before a decision is made to preserve your
standing to appeal the decision.
Comments received on this proposed public action are part of the public
record and, therefore, are available for public inspection upon request.
Contact Person: Any questions or comments regarding this proposal should
be directed to Shirley Frank, Forester at the Iron River Ranger District,
990 Lalley Rd., Iron River Michigan, 49935, (906)265-5139. Comments may be
made by mail, telephone or office visit.
Thank you for your interest and participation in the management of your
National Forest.

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