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Enviro-Mich message from "Tamilyn H. Sanderson" <sirdufus@freeway.net>

Per several requests, here is what is on the web page, excuse me if this is
a repeat, but the last one didn't go thru yet.


Welcome to the
Michigan chapter of

Two decades ago, under the astute leadership of Governor William Millikin (a
Republican!), our state was nationally known as an environmental leader.
Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.
That's why Michigan's chapter of REP AMERICA is challenging Governor John
Engler and the state legislature to show that Republicans can and do care
about the environment. We challenge them to make Michigan a leader once
again in the national effort to clean up and protect the world we live in,
both for its human inhabitants and for the wild creatures that share this
state with us.
   Barred Owl in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
photo  Martha Marks
Here are a number of specific suggestions that we have for Michigan's GOP
Citizen Participation in Environmental Decision Making: The Michigan
Legislature and the Governor should establish a Citizens Oversight Board,
with the power to regulate the Department of Environmental Quality and
offering full public participation. The chairman of this Citizens Oversight
Board should be appointed by the board members, so as not to be just another
political appointment.

Land Stewardship: Urban sprawl threatens our quality of life as well as our
fish and wildlife, farmlands, wetlands, and other sensitive areas. The
Legislature and the Governor should fight urban sprawl by granting local
units of government the ability to plan for smart growth that protects
ecosystems. They should also identify and eliminate state subsidies for

The State must realize the importance of wetlands and make every effort to
protect them. Flooding is a major (and costly!) result of reduced wetlands.
Michigan has already lost too many wetlands and should preserve what is left
to protect its citizens and its wildlife.

Forests: We should work diligently to restore our forests to their original
state. By re-establishing the hemlock and other indigenous trees, we will
provide better habitat for our native wildlife and help reduce the deer

Pollution: Michigan should require all coal-fired power plants (a leading
source of air pollution) to meet modern environmental standards, while
making investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. We can
improve our air and water by requiring polluters to detect and implement
ways to reduce pollution. Our state should become a leading advocate for the
aggressive cleanup of contaminated Great Lakes sediment and protection of
coastal habitats.

Endangered Species: Michigan must take an aggressive approach to protecting
endangered species. Many species that were indigenous to Michigan are no
longer found within our borders. We should strive to re-introduce those
species if possible, and protect the remnant populations of others. This
should be mandated on all state-owned land, and the state should provide
incentives for private property owners to do the same.

Recycling: The state government should help relieve our overburdened
landfills by using only recycled paper itself, finding ways to use recycled
materials, and giving incentives or tax credits to encourage companies to
use (or develop new ways to use) recycled materials.


For more information about REP AMERICA's activities in Michigan, contact
Tamilyn Sanderson of Petoskey or Don Perkins of Mt. Clemens.
Click here to learn about Michigan's representatives in Washington: how to
contact them and how good (or bad!) their environmental voting records are.
Click here for links to some of Michigan's other environmental groups and
government agencies.


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