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Re: E-M:/ Big Island Lake Wilderness EA

Enviro-Mich message from David Allen <dallen@nmu.edu>


It is important to note what is NOT in the four alternatives:
1.  Fisheries management is covered by a memo of understanding between the
USDA FS and the MI DNR, and thus no choice is allowed for in the proposal.
2.  The matter of outboards on Byers Lk is not up for decision - the USDA
FS is awaiting resolution of the Sylvania case on this one.

This leaves four alternatives (A is the status quo, B is most restrictive,
C less so, and D not too much more restrictive than A).  As far as
protecting the resource, the plan focuses mainly on the recreational -
wilderness experience aspect.  All four could be adequate - A would be
transitory as the FS thinks that increasing use will force some changes.
Water quality is not an anticipated issue.  Threatened and endangered
species is not an anticipated issue.  Etc.

The EA is not a great literary masterpiece, being a bit redundant is spots.
 But it is a decently informative piece, and certainly of higher quality
than, say, the Beaver Basin Rim Rd EIS was.  I enjoyed reading it.

And - I talked with Dick Anderson (asst. dist. ranger, Munising) about it
yesterday - he would like to get comments from people.

Dave A.

At 01:11 PM 1/7/99 -0800, anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org wrote:
>The Hiawatha National Forest has announced an updated Environmental
>available for comment until January 29 on the managment plan for the Big
>Island Lake Wilderness.  This wilderness was designated in 1987 and is south
>of Munising.  Many outdoor enthusiasts use this area because of its wonderful
>lakes and portages.  To get a copy of the EA and make comments, contact the
>Munising Ranger District of the Hiawatha NF by calling 906-387-2512.

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