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Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

At 03:37 PM 1/8/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from Vicki Levengood <vlevengood@voyager.net>
>I thought Dave clearly made the point that we degrade the public debate
>by engaging in outrageous personal attacks, whether those attacks are
>aimed at environmental activists OR the governor who opposes them. 
>There is plenty in Engler's op-ed that is misleading and downright
>false. I suggest we spend our valuable time working on compelling,
>factual refutations of the governor's claims, rather than ridiculing his
>being. I was ashamed for the entire Michigan environmental community by
>your comments.
>Vicki Levengood
>National Environmental Trust / Michigan

Every man and woman fights a war in their own way.   If one chooses
to hold John Engler up for ridicule, I say he is fair game......  just make
it effective because we can't really afford any misfires that make him
look good.   All is fair in love and war....

This discussion reminds me of the obviously staged photo showing
John Engler in a boat "fishing" at some kind of lame attempt by 
his flacks (probably that Truscott guy) to give him some "conservation
appearance."   Engler wasn't a very capable actor since he looked 
bored to tears.

What we need is a good anti-Engler cartoonist in the genre of 
Gary Larson.....   Someone who would show John Engler in a boat fishing
in one of these confined animal waste lagoons that he and his 
agriculture department love so much (to the point that MDEQ/MDNR
wanted to kick EPA inspectors out of the state who were looking
into unpermitted discharges from these facilities.)

What the Michigan environmental and conservation movement needs more
than anything these days is leadership and "fire in the belly" at the grass
roots level that
fights with the same kind of intensity that the lawyer in 
"A Civil Action" fought [just saw this movie and I highly recommend it.....
....it's right up there with The China Syndrome and Silkwood as being a
pre-eminent, powerful movie with leadership on environmental protection
as the predominate theme].

Here is my all-time short list of those who have lead in a most powerful way
the years at the grassroots level on various issues that, I believe, have
inspired all of us.....   We need more of this kind of leadership in our

1.  The Huron Environmental Activist League, John Pruden and their efforts
in Alpena on
the incineration of hazardous waste

2.  The Michigan Citizens Against Toxic Substances/ the late Audie Shelby
and the UAW Toxics Squad and their struggle
with Wayne Disposal and Michael Farrentino Jr. over the proposed
waste disposal site in Milan.

3.  All of the folks involved with the Detroit Incinerator battle (Sierra Club, 
Evergreen Alliance, Ralph Franklin and many other strong individuals, Detroit 
Audubon Society)

4.   Verna Courtemanche and others in Schwartz Creek against Berlin and 

5.  [unnamed MDEQ groundwater/waste specialist and fisheries biologist] who
fought for a tough position inside the agency and was the consumate
"environmental cop" in cleaning
up waste sites in Michigan and whose career has suffered for his strong 

6. Citizens against Toxic Substances/Ann Hunt  and their battles against
pesticide spraying
and their subsequent educational, advocacy and infrastructure leadership.

7.  The late Ray Trombley and his efforts on behalf of wetlands in Lake St.
Clair and 
the St. Clair River.

8.  Brenda LiveOak and her associates who have fought for years on downriver
air pollution issues.

9.  Verna Miese and all of the others who fought dumping by Reserve Mining
in Lake Superior in the 70s 

10.  Citizens in Dickinson County who fought Champion International over pulp
mill emissions in the 80s.

11.  Joan Wolfe and Roger Connor, both former execs of West Michigan 
Environmental Action Council, who quarterbacked issues of the Michigan
Environmental Protection Act (and its defense), the DDT ban, and the 
defense of Pigeon River Forest from the oil drillers.

12.  Retired iron worker and former Monroe County Commissioner Frank Kuron, who
knew how to teach Detroit Edison a lesson on its plants in that community.

13.  Mary Sinclair of Midland and her efforts against the Midland Nuclear Plant.

14. David Johnson, former environmental reporter for the Detroit Free Press
in the 70s, 
who did cutting edge investigative journalism on environmental  issues in

There are undoubtedly others, but these come to mind first....   Perhaps the
anti-humbug marsh activists have the best finger on the leadership pulse 
in a present time campaign......

My point is that is far more important to lead on your chosen 
issue than to quibble with other's efforts......   Lead, or get out
of the way, or follow....   but forget about the "politically correct"
criticisms of other's efforts.   

>Murphwild1@aol.com wrote:
>> Well,
>> Engler has never had a real job so what the heck is he lying about? Of
>> it doesnt look like Engler is in much shape to do anything like pushing a
>> broom, swinging a hammer, or unloading a truck.
>> md
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