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Subject: Eco-Visionary McDonough @ UofM THIS MON
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The University of Michigan Winter Term Lecture Series on 
Sustainable Development, Community and Business presents 

---------WILLIAM McDONOUGH------------------------------------------
world-renowned eco-architect, innovator and philosopher
on "Sustainable Design"

Time Magazine calls William McDonough "the most visionary of the green
designers."  Dean of Architecture at the University of Virginia and
Founding Principal of William McDonough + Partners Architects.
McDonough's environmentally intelligent designs range from products to
buildings and cities to regions. His clients include WalMart, The Gap,
Nike, Environmental Defense Fund, and the cities of Chattanooga, Tennessee
and Hannover, Germany.  He is the winner of the President's Award for
Sustainable Development, the nation's highest environmental award.  Based
on the beliefs that we are all designers and that we can use nature as a
model and mentor, his lecture will offer new design principles to ensure a
sustainable human future.   

.....Convened by the Erb Environmental Management Institute and Corporate
.....Environmental Management Program.

Location:  U of M Business School's Hale Auditorium, corner of Hill and
Tappan Streets.
All lectures free and open to the public.

More Information at www.umich.edu/~cemp.

Mark Your Calendars

Other Speakers in this series

Jan 19 6pm: Herman E. Daly
"Sustainable Economies"

Jan 21 6pm: Michael Hough
"Sustainable Cities"

Jan 25 4pm: Betsy Taylor
"Sustainable Consumption"

Feb 1 4pm: David W. Orr
"Sustainable Education"

Feb 15 4pm: Stephen Schneider
"Sustainable Climate"

Feb 22 4pm: Panel Discussion 
"Sustainable Atmosphere"

Feb 24 5pm: David Pimentel
"Sustainable Agriculture"

Mar 9 6.30pm: Richard Moore
"Sustainable Justice"

Mar 11 4pm: Theodore Rozak
"Sustainable Psychology"

Mar 15 4pm: Amory B. Lovins
"Sustainable Technology"

Mar 18 4pm: Donella Meadows
"Sustainable Systems"

Mar 22 4pm: Paul Hawken
"Sustainable Capitalism" 

Mar 26 4pm: Winona LaDuke
"Sustainable Wisdom"

Apr 1 4pm: Grace Lee Boggs
"Sustainable Activism"

Apr 5 6pm: Jane Lubchenco
"Sustainable Science"

Apr 8 4pm: Mayor Dennis Archer
"Sustainable Communities" 

Apr 20 4pm: Hazel Henderson
"Sustainable Futures"

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