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re: E-M:/ Milliken's accomplishments

Enviro-Mich message from twoiwode@tnc.org

Virtually every major piece of environmental protection legislation under 
which we operate, and quite a number that have been significantly diluted in 
recent years, were the product of the Milliken adminnistration.  A few 
illlustrations include: Michigan Endangered Species Act, Michigan 
Environmental Protection Act, Wetlands Act, Inland Lakes and Streams Act, 
Shorelands Protection and Management Act, Sand Dune Protection Act, Natural 
Resources Trust Fund (nee Michigan Land Trust Fund), Bottle Bill, Wilderness 
and Natural Areas Act, Michigan Environmental Review Board, consolidation of 
the Department of Conservation with Environmental Protection to create a 
broader mandate for the Department of Natural Resources, Polluter Pay 
provisions in environmental protection, creation of (an attempt at) a 
statewide wetlands survey, and initial funding for the Michigan Natural 
Features Inventory.  I know I've left many, many things out, and invite others 
to embellish the list; that very small list above dwarfs anything done by both 
administrations that have succeeded him.

Tom Woiwode
 "Tamilyn H. Sanderson" <sirdufus@freeway.net> Wrote:
| Forgive me for being a little young to remember, but can 
| anyone give me some examples of enviro legislation that 
| Milliken put thru or at least helped put thru?  I know the 
| bottle deposit was his, but what else?  I have heard he 
| was called our last environmental governor.  What is 
| different between his approach & Engler or Blanchard's.
| Thanks for the info!
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| REP America
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