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E-M:/ Milliken's accomplishments

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

Tom Woiwode and Jeff Dauphin have started a very good list of Milliken's
accomplishments.  Some were, as Jeff points out, Executive Orders as opposed
to laws. The Executive Order Jeff listed (1974-1) was essential for
implementing complementary support policies for the Michigan Environmental
Protection Act.  This EO established requirements to do environmental review
and forums for accomplishing and assessing the effectiveness of that review.
In addition, the consolidation of environmental programs under the DNR by
Milliken was done through EOs. Both of these have now been undone -- the
environmental review bit the dust inadvertantly, as I have been led to
believe, under Blanchard as a result of an EO that established a Council on
Environmental Quality.  The disassembling of the DNR came in many stages under

The Bottle Bill was passed by referendum, not legislatively, if I understand
it right.  

What may be important about the EO's is that Governor Milliken
accomplished several of the most important facets of environmental protection
through his personal leadership on the issues and appropriate use of his
office to shape the environmental landscape.  Perhaps it was assumed that
protecting the environment in the future was a no brainer and that one did not
need to secure legislative action, which may not have been feasible at the
time.  Unfortunately, the EO's left these critical policies more vulnerable to
quick assault than the legislative initiatives.  But as we have seen,
legislative disassembly has come about pretty aggressively in recent years as

Anne Woiwode

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