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E-M:/ Utility Deregulation in Michigan

Enviro-Mich message from Scott Heinzman <sheinzman@prodigy.net>

Hello all;

Being as the electrical utility deregulation is up on the Michigan
legislative magic drawing board, it is appropriate for those
environmentally concerned to speak out. I am very interested to know
what enviro-michers would like included and not included in such

I belong to an organization called the Metro-Detroit Alliance for
Democracy (AfD). Our group opposes deregulation all together. We're
looking for folks who might want to work with us to deny deregulation in

Being pragmatic, I realize that deregulation is a likely possibility.
The possibility to include requirements for investments in cleaner
energy, not including the construction costs of nuclear power plants as
a "stranded" asset, energy conservation program requirements, and other
intelligent energy initiatives exists.

I look forward to your opinions.


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