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Re: E-M:/ Milliken's accomplishments

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I remember very well that Miliken was a prime supporter 
of this initiative.   In fact, Milliken signed the very first 
initiative petition at a news conference with MUCC and
the late Thomas L. Washington, former MUCC  Executive Director

The early policy in Michigan that hazardous waste liquids
not be disposed of in landfills ...first adopted, I believe, 
in 1974, was an important Millken policy which didn't get
implemented in many other states until over a decade later.

The Air Pollution Control Commission was created during
Milliken's tenure.

The Department of Natural Resources was created during 
Milliken's tenure, the functions of which were formerly spread
out in a number of areas of state government.

It was under Milliken's tenure that the Porcupine Mountains Park 
was given wilderness status.

To the best of my knowledge, the beginnings of the recovery
of Great Lakes fisheries programs came about during 
the Milliken Administration.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Bill Milliken
was his civility and leadership and abilities to listen....qualities lacking in 
many politicians today.

>The bottle deposit was passed as a ballot initiative.  I don't recall
>what role Millliken had, if any, in that.
>"Tamilyn H. Sanderson" wrote:
>>  Forgive me for being a little young to remember, but can anyone give
>> me some examples of enviro legislation that Milliken put thru or at
>> least helped put thru?  I know the bottle deposit was his, but what
>> else?  I have heard he was called our last environmental governor.
>> What is different between his approach & Engler or Blanchard's. Thanks
>> for the info! Tamilyn H. Sanderson
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>> Michigan Coordinator
>> GREEN District Captain
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