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Citizens Environment Alliance joins the OntAIRio Campaign

WINDSOR, 1/20/99.  The Citizens’ Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario
(CEA) has joined the Toronto Environmental Alliance and the David Suzuki
Foundation’s  non-partisan campaign to present a strong united voice on air
quality issues.  The goal of the OntAIRio  Campaign is cleaner air for
Ontario.  This campaign will supplement the CEA’s Smog Action Plan for Windsor
which was released last April and promote a public policy stance for people
organizations who will be demanding strong environmental action from
politicians in the upcoming provincial election.

By joining the OntAIRio Campaign the CEA will be supporting the following
action plans:

1. Emissions from Ontario electricity generators of Nitrogen Oxides (N0x) a
primary smog pollutant,  must be capped at 6,000 tonnes per year by 2005 (this
cap must include all emissions associated with any power purchases from U.S
sources).  This is particularly important in a border town such as Windsor
receives significant levels of smog from US coal fired power plants in
and Ohio.

This emission cap represents an 84% reduction from existing Ontario Hydro
commitments for the year 2000, and is the recommendation of the Ontario
Association (OMA), representing 23,000 medical doctors in the Province.

2. Sulphur Dioxide (S02) is a major source of particulate pollution in smog
causes acid rain.  Total emissions of S02 in Ontario must be reduced by at
75% from existing cap levels by 2005.

This 75% reduction is also a recommendation of the OMA.  Studies have shown
that the electricity sector’s share of this S02 should involve reductions of
greater than 90% from Ontario Hydro’s existing commitment to a cap of 175,000

3. Mercury is a highly toxic, bioaccumulative, persistent substance.  The
Province of Ontario must commit  to the virtual elimination of mercury
emissions by 2006.

This is an endorsement of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement goal for
mercury emissions.  Coal-fired plants release significant amounts of mercury
into the environment.

The CEA is a binational,  grass-roots organization with offices in Windsor and
Detroit.    The CEA is currently intervening,  with an international alliance
of groups,  in US federal  court to contest Detroit Edison’s attempts to
restart its ancient Conners Creek coal-fired plant on the shores of the
River.  Smog levels in the City of Windsor this past summer exceeded
guidelines for 17 days and a total of 79 hours.  Windsor has also recorded
of the highest levels of particulate matter in the Province of Ontario and

 Lois Corbett  - Toronto Environmental Alliance 416-596-0660
Rick Coronado - Citizens' Environment Alliance 519-973-1116 

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