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E-M:/ Update on NOx SIP call

Enviro-Mich message from "Julie C. Metty" <mucc@mucc.org>

Update on NOx SIP Call:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently unveiled a plan to
sharply cut smog-causing emissions (NOx), spewed mostly by aging and
loosely regulated coal-fired power plants, in Michigan and 21 other
states east of the Mississippi. The regional strategy aims to cut by
2003 about 85 percent of the summertime smog that drifts from the Ohio
River Valley, the Great Lakes area and South into northeastern states.

Under this strategy, Michigan is required to submit a State
Implementation Plan (SIP) to EPA by September detailing how our state
plans to achieve the required emission reductions. Governor Engler,
though, is strongly opposed to the smog reducing requirements and has
joined seven other Midwestern state Governors in crafting an alternate
proposal. The "Governors Plan" is less restrictive and would result in
the release of twice as much NOx than the EPA's plan.

Most of the states that have signed-on to the Governors plan have also
filed a lawsuit against EPA opposing the new smog reducing regulations,
including Michigan. In addition, Russ Harding, Michigan Department of
Environmental Quality Director, has stated that he has no intentions of
complying with the EPA's request for a State Implementation Plan that
achieves the required reductions, but instead plans to submit the
Governors Plan to the EPA in September. Because the Governors Plan is
less restrictive and does not achieve the emission reductions required
by EPA, it is likely the plan will not be approved.

Clean air advocates should urge the DEQ to develop and submit an
appropriate plan to the EPA by the September deadline. We should also
recommend that energy efficiency and renewable energy options be used in
achieving emission reductions by decreasing dependence on coal-fired
power plants for electricity generation.

Julie Metty, Resource Policy Specialist
Michigan United Conservation Clubs
PO Box 30235, Lansing, MI 48909
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