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Following is a posting for the position of "River Navigator", which is
funded by the Federal Government at an upper GS rate ("probably" GS-14 or
higher).  Please circulate to those you know who may have an interest and
are currently a federal employee or could be "seconded" to the Federal
Government through use of an Intergovernmental Personnel Act transfer or


Detroit American Heritage River Initiative

Request for River Navigator

Description of Job Position and Requirements

Posting Date 1/11/99; Closing Date 2/28/99

Primary Purpose

A qualified individual is sought to serve as River Navigator for the Detroit
American Heritage River (AHR) Initiative for a period not to exceed 5 years.


In July of 1998 the President designated the Detroit River an American
Heritage River.  (Further details for the American Heritage River Program
are contained in White House Executive Order 13061 as described in Federal
Register Vol.62, No. 180, pages 48864-48868, September 17, 1997).  This
declaration was based upon a locally developed "Nomination Plan" generally
outlining projects designed to achieve three overarching goals for the
river: environmental stewardship, economic development and historic/cultural
preservation.  Guiding further development and implementation of the plan is
the Detroit AHR Partnership which involves a collaboration of stakeholders
including nine river fronting communities and Wayne County as well as
leadership from business, community and environmental groups.

Essential Job Functions

The River Navigator's key role will be identifying and obtaining federal
funds, technical assistance and other resources to implement the Detroit AHR
Initiative's plan and projects.  The River Navigator will operate under the
guidance of Metropolitan Affairs Coalition (MAC), the secretariat and
facilitator for the Initiative, as well as under the general direction of
the sponsoring federal agency.  The River Navigator will be responsible for
performing the functions outlined below.

* Serve as a liaison between the Detroit AHR Initiative and federal
departments, agencies and programs, with the primary objective being to
obtain funding and facilitate technical assistance for the project.

* Assist the Initiative, as requested, in engaging the assistance and
resources of state, tribal, and local governments and private sector

* Identify funding sources and help prepare grant requests and proposals as
well as assist with preparing progress/completion reports, as required, to
grantor agencies.

* Provide information services and offer technical assistance on general, as
well as project specific, activities.

* Perform other duties as the Initiative may request, consistent with the
goals of the American Heritage Rivers Initiative.

The River Navigator will have no authority to adjudicate and shall not
engage in lobbying, leadership of the Detroit AHR Initiative or serve as a
voting member of the Initiative or any sponsoring organization.
Representatives of the Detroit AHR Initiative, MAC and the sponsoring
federal agency will jointly perform a yearly evaluation of the River

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The River Navigator must possess the following knowledge, skills and

* High professional skill levels, including the ability to effectively
communicate both orally and in writing.

* Knowledgeable of federal grant and funding programs and the process,
procedures and requirements for obtaining federal dollars.

* Capacity to work in an interdisciplinary manner in achieving the
environmental stewardship, economic development and historic/cultural
objectives of the American Heritage River Initiative.

* Ability to establish effective working relationships with federal, state,
local and community partners.

* Respect for and sensitivity to local issues, though specific understanding
of the Detroit area is not essential.

* Consensus building skills including the ability to interact with diverse
groups and constituencies.

Qualification Standards

Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Interested candidates should submit their resume to B. David Sanders, Vice
President of Metropolitan Affairs Coalition, at 660 Plaza Drive, Suite 1901,
Detroit, Michigan, 48226 no later than February 28, 1999.

For further information on this initiative please see main web page for the



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