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E-M:/ EM: CRN Conference

Community-based environmental research and action projects have much to
gain from
partipating in the conference announced below. I urge Michigan folks to
give it careful
Phil Shepard
(517) 332-0761

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Conference Announcement:

"What Works, What Doesn't?
Community-Based Research and Strategies for Change"

What:  Community Research Network Annual Conference

When:  June 11-13, 1999

Where:  Amherst, Massachusetts

Who:    scholars, community activists and organizers, funders, students,
        experienced practitioners of community-based research, and
        anyone interested in community-based research


**Talk through community-based research process and strategize ways to
	overcome obstacles
**Get ideas to walk away with and implement at home
**Strengthen the Community Research Network
**Build Relationships

Inspiring, inter-active, restorative conference bringing people
together to share their experiences with community-based research,
and inform a growing movement.

Including a Workshop for those who want to learn about
community-based research for the first time with the guidance of
experienced practitioners.

Co-Sponsors include: The Loka Institute, Consortium for Sustainable
Agriculture Research Education, Science & Environmental Health
Network, Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty &
Genocide, The Bonner Foundation, Childhood Cancer Research
Institute, School for Workers at the University of Wisconsin 

Contact the Loka Institute for further information regarding
co-sponsorship, registration (space is limited!), workshops: ph:
413-559-5860, fax:  413-559-5811, email: loka@amherst.edu,

 The Loka Institute		phone: 413/559-5860
 PO Box 355			fax:   413/559-5811
 Amherst, MA 01004		Email: Loka@amherst.edu
	    World Wide Web:  www.loka.org

"Making science and technology responsive to democratically
       decided social and environmental concerns"   

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