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E-M:/ Y2K and Environmental Activism

Enviro-Mich message from Phil Shepard <shepard@pilot.msu.edu>



The URL above provides an entry to the burgeoning Y2K Web presence (Year
2000 Computer glitch preparation movement). This front door is well done
and highly relevant to both environmental and most other forms of
community activism.

Whatever you may have thought so far, I have to tell you that this is
*not* hokey, wierd, milleneum fever stuff. (I thought all Y2K stuff
mostly was until I looked at this site!) Rather it opens the way to
balanced prudential action that uses "tie-in" strategies, i.e. chooses
responses that have redeeming value of their own whether or not the
particular disruption scenario occurs.

The Y2K Public Participation Proposal (the front door - URL above and
below) argues very convincingly that this is an outstanding opportunity
for citizens concerned with strengthening democratic processes,
decentralization, sustainability, economic resilience, the natural
environment, local self-reliance, public direction of science and
technology development, and so forth - basically the entire agenda of
late 20th century populist, radical humanist, or ecological activism.

I urge you to take a half hour soon to check out the public
participation proposal and some of the connecting links. You'll be glad
you did, and much sooner that you might have thought!


Phil Shepard
(517) 332-0761

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