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E-M:/ Republicans, insider info

Hi all, wasn't that breakfast something?  I'm glad I had the chance to meet some of you.
Now some interesting info.  Sen. McManus, TC is working on a few enviro things, "Private Forest Reserve Act" . I haven't read it yet, but if you want a copy, I can fax it to you.  Also he is trying to get a wildlife license plate, having problems with SOS.  His aide seemed very willing to listen.
Sen. North, may be more of a hard sell.  He is interested in endangered species legislation. I believe he said a fish,(sturgeon?), I said we wanted more than just a fish, he said "Of Course"  He also wants to hear from folks in his district on issues, or he will think its just me. So please, if you are in his district, get him more info on ES.
Rep. Scott Shackleton is a fast learner.  He wants to make me happy.  Things he is interested in include recycling and forests.  He doesn't know that much about forests and was going to get a hold of the Timbermans Assoc..? I told him a few things I knew, but I am sure there are others out there who could put things in a better perspective.
I mentioned the endangered species to him and he has a problem with it.  I guess commerants are endangered, yet they are eating all the fish in the St. Mary's River and the fisherpeople aren't happy.
He also says the farmers aren't happy about the price they are getting for ther goods.  This brought up a perfect opportunity to being up factory farms.  He was not familar with this. He is now, but I am sure he could use more info.
Surprise, I am not the only one who has brought up to him about the citizens oversite board.  He is actually going to look into this, and why is was discontinued.
I also met a few others and my general impression is that we will have more luck in the house.  There are a lot of freshman republicans who need to learn.  Please, as you work for legislation don't leave them out, they just may surprise us!
Tamilyn H. Sanderson
REP America
Michigan Coordinator
GREEN District Captain
1384 Maxwell Rd
Petoskey, MI  49770