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Re: E-M:/ Ford Rouge Steel Power Plant Blows Up

Enviro-Mich message from Chad Bailey <crbailey@umich.edu>

A few questions:

1)  The boiler was built in 1918 according to the News and AP wire.  Older
power facilities are grandfathered out of regulations on air emission
controls.  Is this so with the Ford plant?  Were continous emissions
monitors (CEMS) in place at the power plant, and if not, would continous
monitoring for products of incomplete combustion not have helped in
avoiding overly rich fuel mixtures?  

2)  The Detroit News, as usual, has left the impact on the community
around the Ford plant totally unstated.  Dearborn has had its fair share
of environmental harm over the years.  Any word as to releases from the
facilty that might be adversely affecting the community?  Are there other
news from the area?

3)  Are there any organizations that might be helping with the response,
for instance, community or labor organizations that might be assisting in
area hospitals or with the cleanup?  

Chad Bailey
University of Michigan School of Public Health
Department of Environmental and Industrial Health

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