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E-M:/ Fwd: MOX shipments through Michigan???

Enviro-Mich message from GreenPlanet <riccawu@MNSi.Net>

>>Subject: MOX victory at Blue Water Bridge
>>Hi folks, it appears 'cnpcore' is finally dead -> here's copy of message I
>>tried to send - please write back if you need more information or have any
>>questions. Please pass along to activists in eastern Ontario and southern
>>Manitoba - > the U.S. border towns in question are at Pembina Minnesota and
>>Watertown New York. U.S. contacts in these areas are urgently needed.

>>>Hi all - Just heard from Kay Cumbow in Michigan that the U.S. Energy
>>Secretary has written to Michigan Rep. Bonier to say that the Blue Water
>>Bridge route (Port Huron Michigan / Sarnia Ontario) will NOT BE USED for the
>>test shipment. The letter, which I have not seen yet, apparently says that
>>other options will be studied (i.e. the other two border crossings). Kay is
>>working on getting the letter. Bonier said yesterday in a public debate that
>>he believes mox should not be shipped at all. Kay is planning to contact
>>Bonier to urge him to work on his collegues from the other two border areas.
>>Kay is also planning to work with some other Michigan activists, including
>>Mike Keegan, to identify activists in the other two U.S. border regions and
>>connect them with Canadian activists. 

>>>One border crossing down, two to go!

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>Latest News:::February 2, 1999> The Windsor Star's Ottawa reporter says
today in the Windsor Star that the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor-Detroit
could be the route for shipments of MOX to Chalk River.  Mayor Hurst of
Windsor has threatened military action to stop such shipments from going
through Windsor.  According to this reporter the Reform Party has a
document that says the first shipment of plutonium could take place this
spring - even though a number of Ontario cities are lining up against such
shipments going through their towns.  According to the article one of the
potential routes could be the Ambassador Bridge.  Canadian Foreigh Affairs
Minister Axworthy is quoted as saying "all environmental requirements will
be met before plutonium reaches Canada.  According to the AECL there are no
new environemtnal requirements that must be satisfied for the plutonium to
be trucked along Ontario roads.  Windsor Mayor Mike Hust says he intends to
make sure that plutonium shipments do not pass through Windsor.

> >Hey gang get back to me if you know anything!!!!  We are talking to the
Mayor right now.
>and trying on a pair of militia fatigues.
>Rick Coronado
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