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E-M:/ Small grants for growth management education

Enviro-Mich message from Julie Stoneman <juliemec@voyager.net>

>Please distribute this as widely as you wish
>TO:  Organizations working on growth issues
>FROM:  National Growth Management Leadership Project (Ned Farquhar, 1000
>Friends of New Mexico)
>SUBJECT:  Education grants
>DATE:  February 2, 1999
>Growth Management Education Presentations and Programs Grant Assistance
>National Growth Management Leadership Project
>Winter/Spring 1999
>Summary: The National Growth Management Leadership Project (a working
group of
>about 30 state and regional growth management organizations from around the
>country) has a limited amount of funding to provide assistance in the amount
>of $500-1000 to non-profit organizations which need support for growth
>management education.  The funding is provided through the Smart Growth
>Network, sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
>Qualifying organizations:  Non-profit organizations, including member
>organizations of the National Growth Management Leadership Project, involved
>in growth management education and advocacy from around the United States are
>welcome to apply for the grants.  Some preference will be given to groups
>small budgets and groups from areas where growth management is a newer
>concept.  The groups should be, or should be sponsored by, an organization
>having recognized  non-profit status.
>Qualifying activity:  Any proposal must be closely related to or specifically
>focused on growth management policy and issues.  A group may propose 1) to
>bring in a speaker, or 2) to send someone (including a group staff person or
>member, or a local offical or staff) to a significant educational event or to
>a place where she or he will learn about growth management.  The activity
>take place between February 1, 1999 and June 30, 1999.
>Review criteria:  Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the following
>criteria: 1) the number of people who would benefit from the grant; 2)
>estimated cost of the assistance; 3) helping many groups and serving multiple
>objectives with a single grant; 4) sufficient and appropriate skills and
>experience of the sponsoring group; 5) financial capacity of the sponsoring
>organization, and level of match (higher from groups with more resources); 6)
>opportunities to reach new audiences and organizations, especially in
areas of
>the country newly considering growth management or without many local sources
>of advice; and 7) geographic distribution around the United States.
>Grant amounts:  Grants will be in the amount of $500-1000.  As many as 20
>grants will be made between February 15 and June 30, 1999.
>Qualifying expenses. Grant funds can cover travel, meals, and lodging,
>registration fees, and up to $25/hour for a contracted speaker's time
>dedicated to preparation and participation.
>Proposals.  Please submit a two-page letter (no more than 400-500 words)
>the proposed event or activity to 1000 Friends of New Mexico via e-mail at
>"nm1000@roadrunner.com".  Include pertinent information to address the review
>criteria, above.  This would include information about the sponsoring group,
>the activity, its costs, the group's fiscal situation, the policy situation,
>groups and people that will be affected or involved, the budget for the
>activity or event, and sources and amounts of matching funds and in-kind
>contributions.  The proposal should be signed by a senior staff member or
>Board member of the organization.  There are no set deadlines for proposals,
>but early responses are most likely to receive funding.  The last date that
>proposals will be accepted is expected to be April 30, 1999.
>Requirements:  Grantees will be required to acknowledge support from the
>Smart Growth Network and the National Growth Management Leadership Project.
>They will also be asked to provide a brief report within 60 days after the
>event, including narrative and photographs, for possible use in the national
>Smart Growth newsletter.  Additional information about the final report will
>be included in the grant agreement letter.  In most cases, funding will
not be
>released until the report is received.  The report will include a fiscal
>accounting of how the funds were spent.
>Response.  The National Growth Management Leadership Project will respond to
>requests within two to three weeks, although we'll try to respond more
>whenever we can.
>Questions:  Please address any questions via e-mail to 1000 Friends of New
>Mexico at "nm1000@roadrunner.com", with the subject "Grant inquiry".  

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