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E-M:/ Clinton/Sustainable Development Meeting in Detroit

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Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 23:05:02 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America
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Opportunity to Exhibit:
A National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America
May 2-5, 1999
Detroit, Michigan and Points Across America
Co-Chairs: Carol Browner, Administrator,  U.S. Environmental Protection
                 Ray Anderson, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer,
Interface, Inc.
Co-Sponsors:  President's Council on Sustainable Development &
    		Global Environment & Technology Foundation
Host Community Leadership:
     Dennis Archer, Mayor of Detroit
     Edward McNamara, County Executive Wayne County, Michigan
     General Motors Corporation
     Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength (MOSES)

> February 10 , 1999
> Dear Colleague:
> The President's Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) and the Global
> Environment & Technology Foundation (GETF) invite you to participate in
> the National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America (NTM).  The four-day
> conference will discuss and showcase successful sustainability
> initiatives by businesses, communities and other organizations that
> promote economic prosperity, environmental protection and equitable
> opportunity.  The NTM will be held May 2-5, 1999 at the COBO Convention
> Center in Detroit, Michigan. Over 3,000 people are expected to attend the
Detroit > event, with thousands more participating via satellite links and
the Internet.
> The event is a public-private partnership, and is being supported and
> attended by hundreds of organizations, corporations and federal
> agencies, including EPA, DOE, DOI, Agriculture, NOAA and DOD among
> others. Wide national attention is going to be directed to Detroit
> because of the slate of invited nationally-known speakers, including
> Vice-President Al Gore.  Business Week magazine plans a special insert
> entitled  "The Next Bottom Line" during the week of the NTM that will
> highlight what is happening in Detroit and discuss sustainability
> issues.
> Why should you participate?
>  To display and see the new technology that is helping achieve
> sustainability goals by bettering environmental protection
>  To present your organization's ideas and best practices that promote
> sustainability goals
>  To learn how others from around the country are using sustainability
> concepts, and
>  To network with others who are engaged in similar activities.
> Who should participate?
> Anyone interested in promoting sustainable development or finding out
> more about it should participate at some level, either by attending the
> main event in Detroit, or hosting or attending an affiliated event.
> The NTM will be valuable to:
> 1. Business executives
> 2. Government officials
> 3. Economic development professionals
> 4. Non-Government Organizations
> 5. Planners, architects and developers
> 6. Investors, lenders and other financial institutions
> 7. Media Professionals
> 8. Academics - professors, teachers and students from all education
> levels
> 9. Farmers and agriculture representatives
> 10.  Public health officials and social service providers
> 11.  Citizens interested in economic, social and environmental progress
> The NTM program will include an exhibition, plenary sessions and
> workshops, networking opportunities, cultural activities and other
> elements that showcase sustainability solutions and opportunities.
> How can you get involved?
> 1.   Be an Exhibitor - Showcase sustainability efforts of your business,
> organization or community.  The NTM Exhibition Hall will present an
> interactive learning adventure that engages participants and provides an
> orientation to sustainable development.  It will also include special
> exhibits that showcase where we work, play and live (i.e., a sustainable
> home, office and ecosystem).  A marketplace for exhibitors from
> business, academia, government and non-government organizations will
> also be featured.  We are seeking exhibitors for each of these
> categories.  If you are interested in exhibiting at the NTM, details are
> available at http://www.sustainableamerica.org or by contacting
> exhibitntm@getf.org.
> 2.   Host an Affiliated Event in Your Community - Affiliated events
> offer organizations and communities engaged in sustainable development
> an opportunity to become an active part of the National Town Meeting.
> If you are already hosting a sustainable development event or want to
> plan an event, be it a large conference, an Earthday event, a community
> workshop or classroom activity prior to May 2, 1999, you may want to
> join with the NTM network by being designated as a Journey to Detroit
> event.  Your efforts will be highlighted on our website and showcased at
> the National Town Meeting. In addition, many events are being planned
> across America to coincide with the May meeting.  These Concurrent
> Events will be able to access audio and satellite downlinks from the
> Detroit NTM, allowing participants at local events to be actively
> involved in the proceedings in Detroit.  Additional details are available
>  http://www.sustainableamerica.org or by e-mailing
> eventsntm@getf.org.  To sign up as an event host, please call
> 1-888-333-6878 and request a Count Us In Form (document #1001) from the
> Sustainable America fax on demand system.
> 3.  Come to the National Town Meeting - Plan to come to Detroit May
> 2-5,1999 to participate in the National Town Meeting.  Visit
> http://www.sustainableamerica.org and indicate your interest in
> attending the NTM.  Upon registering, future mailings will be sent to
> you.
> The co-sponsors and hosts are excited about the opportunity this event
> presents and look forward to hearing from you on how you wish to
> participate.  If you know of another organization that can contribute to
> this effort please forward this notice about the NTM to them.  For more
> information, contact:
> Sustainable America NTM
> 7010 Little River Turnpike, Suite 300
> Annandale, VA  22003
> http://www.sustainableamerica.org or ntm@getf.org
> 1-888-333-6878 Voice and fax on demand line
> --
> Ken Patterson, Director
> National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America
> President's Council on Sustainable Development
> 730 Jackson Place NW
> Washington, DC  20503
> 202-408-6105 phone
> 202-408-1655 fax
> Click here to check out our website:
>  http://www.sustainableamerica.org

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