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Enviro-Mich message from Phil Shepard <shepard@pilot.msu.edu>

Please reply to davisdeb@pilot.msu.edu

> In the 21st century, what will it BE like in Lansing??
>   *More traffic congestion, parking problems, and sprawl?
>   *More pollution, sickness, and poverty?
>   *More arguments, disagreements, excessive use of force?
>   *Higher costs of living, but lower incomes?
> HOW do we redefine progress so that LOCAL families, businesses, and environments are sustained and enhanced?  What sort of community do we want to be in the 21st century?
> HOW do we best meet present needs without reducing the ability of future generations to meet their needs?
> Through broad-based participation and dialogue, each community can bring forth its own definition and understanding of sustainability.  Come to the Forum and share your accomplishments and concerns for the future.  Let's explore the interwoven connections in the social, economic, and environmental work that's needed in the greater Lansing area--and together we can knit the future that we want.
> Tentative Agenda:                 May 15, 1999 at Lansing Community College
>   10am    Poster Presentations
>   11am    Keynote Speaker (Michael Shuman, author of GOING LOCAL; or Tyler                             Norris, Director of Coalition for Health Cities                             and Communities; or Your Suggestions ...??)
>   Lunch
>   1-3pm   Small Groups--discussions on future concerns
>   3-4pm   Reports from Small Groups
> Sponsors: Greater Lansing Green Team, Urban Options, Liberal Studies Division--LCC, City of Lansing (pending), Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (pending).  Your group??  Additional co-sponsors and endorsements are welcome at any time.
> For more information, contact:  Deborah Davis, Coordinator                                  davisdeb@pilot.msu.edu

> 484-5012

> or     Leroy Harvey at Urban Options  337-0422
>         leroy@urbanoptions.org

Phil Shepard
(517) 332-0761

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