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Subject: Regional Air Pollutant Inventory Development System (RAPIDS)
version 2.0 released
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For Immediate Release: February 12, 1999
Contact: Julie Wagemakers
Great Lakes Commission
Phone: 734-665-9135
Fax: 734-665-4370
E-mail: juliew@glc.org

ANN ARBOR, Mich.- The Great Lakes Commission announces the release of the
Regional Air Pollutant Inventory Development System (RAPIDS) Version 2.0.
RAPIDS Version 2.0 confirms the Commission's continued commitment to
quantifying and managing the toxic air emissions that impact the waters and
communities of the Great Lakes basin.

The key features of RAPIDS Version 2.0 include performance improvements, new
reports, data grouping, and a mobile source emissions estimator. As the most
notable enhancement to RAPIDS, the mobile source module is designed with the
ability to estimate emissions from on-road vehicles (i.e., light duty cars
and trucks, heavy-duty trucks) and non-road engines and equipment (i.e.,
lawn and garden, recreational, construction, logging, agricultural,
industrial, light commercial, airport service, and recreational marine
equipment, as well as commercial marine operations, aircraft, and
locomotives). This major addition, along with the other enhancements makes
RAPIDS one of the most comprehensive inventory developments systems

RAPIDS is a client/server system consisting of a PowerBuilder front-end
"suite" of applications, and an Oracle back-end database (version 7.3)
designed using Oracle CASE tools. It uses a generalized, device-based,
flexible attribute data model that stores and manages emissions data and
estimates. RAPIDS can be expanded into a multimedia environmental enterprise
data model supporting, for example, permitting, compliance, and/or fee
determinations. Although RAPIDS has been developed for ORACLE 7.3 and SQL
Anywhere databases, it may be adapted for any platform, in a number of
different relational databases.

Building on techniques from successfully completing the initial regional
inventory using 1993 data, the Great Lakes Regional Air Toxic Emissions
Inventory Project will be using RAPIDS Version 2.0 to conduct its next
regional inventory using data from 1996. RAPIDS Version 2.0 was expanded to
support the cooperative estimation of emissions from mobile sources in the
region and aggregate them with estimates from point and area sources to
maintain an inventory of 82 toxic compounds identified by the Great Lakes
Commission as significant contributors to the contamination of the Great
Lakes. When the inventory is completed, it will be the first inventory of
point, area, and mobile sources for the Great Lakes region. The Inventory
project is working to additionally expand RAPIDS capacity to be able to
export delineated files enabling a multidisciplinary approach to data usage.
Currently, the project is being considered as a model for other
state-wide/region-wide monitoring and analysis programs.

RAPIDS 2.0 is currently the only emission estimation software package that
supports point, area, and mobile sources for Windows 95/98/NT FREE of
charge. The Great Lakes Commission will be making RAPIDS 2.0 available for
download in January 1999 on the RAPIDS web site,

For more information, please contact Julie Wagemakers, juliew@glc.org or
Derek Moy, dmoy@glc.org.


The Great Lakes Commission is a nonpartisan, interstate compact agency
created by state and federal law and dedicated to promoting a strong
economy, clean environment and high quality of life for residents of the
eight-state Great Lakes region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New
York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin). The Commission consists of state
legislators, agency officials and governors' appointees from its member
states, and also maintains a formal Observer program involving U.S. and
Canadian federal and provincial agencies, tribal authorities, binational
agencies and other regional interests. The Commission offices are located in
Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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