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Re: E-M:/ Letters needed to US Army Corps of Engrs: Re Keweenaw County wetland destruction

Thank you for your quick response to our posting about the new road development in undeveloped wetlands in Keweenaw County.
FOLK talked to Richard Gutleber at the Corps office about the public hearing
for the Bete Griese South development. He received 31 letters opposing the
project (he seldom gets any on a project), and they will make a decision on
a public hearing within the next week or two. He said public hearings were
very uncommon (there hasn't been any within the last 3 years in the UP and
he didn't think there were any downstate either). But he did say that
permitting wouldn't be soon and that there would be a growing season field
review. Richard emphasized that the more specific the concerns, like
specific habitat for waterfowl or rare plants , etc., the more weight it
carries. He can be reached at 906-228-2833 phone and 228-3738 fax if you can
add anything.
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From: FOLK <folk@mail.portup.com>
To: enviro-mich@great-lakes.net <enviro-mich@great-lakes.net>
Date: Thursday, February 04, 1999 1:26 AM
Subject: E-M:/ Letters needed to US Army Corps of Engrs: Re Keweenaw County wetland destruction

Your help is needed to convince the Corps of Engineers to schedule a public hearing to discuss whether a permit should be issued to Lake Superior Land Company for new road construction in an area of  undeveloped wet lands. Letters need to be received by Feb 8.  The public needs to know more information about this proposed project to determine its affect in that area.
According to information given, Lake Superior Land Company has applied for a wetland permit to place 10,000 cubic yards of fill in 850' of wetlands as part of a road and subdivision project on Bete Griese of Lake Superior in Keweenaw County, the Northern most County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is NOT the existing planned development north of the canal, this is a new road (perhaps to provide access  to what could become a subdivision in the completely undeveloped area south of the canal?) These wetlands may include rare interdunal wetlands that have been created through the historical fluctuation of Lake Superior water levels. Such filling in of wetland areas could destroy the wetlands that are there and have the potential to disrupt the hydrology of the entire wetland ecosystem in that area.
Letters need to be sent to the Corps of Engineers to request that a public hearing be held to discuss the merits and consequences of this permit.
The project file # is 99-038-001-0M in Grant Twp. Sec. 3, T57N  R29W.
TIME IS SHORT - letters need to reach Marquette by Feb. 8.
Send to:
Richard Gutleber
US Army Corps of Engineers
1030 Wright St.
Marquette, Mi. 49855
a copy can also be sent to:
Regulatory Branch
US Army Corps of Engineers
PO Box 1027
Detroit, Mi. 48231