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Re: Re: E-M:/ Clearcut Smearcut! Kirtland Warbler??

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com

"Again, don't oversimplify.  There is a lot more to these issues than whack or
don't whack, and if folks really want to understand these issues they should
indeed look up the objective science before they speak."--Anne W 


Whack or don't Whack? Respectfully, it is very simplistic, unfair and totally
unfounded to suggest some have not looked at the science. Due to the hope of
keeping this dialogue professional and constructive, I stuck to the  policy
and the SCIENCE, not personal attacks suggesting we are not doing our homework
before we speak. I think Karen Tuerk and Frank Ambrose posed current science
based, and informed comments. 

You have not provided a shred of evidence in this post to validate your
comments suggesting there has been oversimplification. How ironic. Because you
disagree, you say people are oversimplifying?

My post, like others, dealt with science, and not a lack of empirical support
as Tim Flynns reply did. For instance, what supporting evidence did Tim
provide to suggest that the FS and DNR are moving away from clearcuts? That is
simply a opinion assertion. 

As far as I know, you and Tim Flynn represent some of the very last Sierra
Clubbers in the Nation who still support clearcutting. This is troublesome.
Especially since the official policy of the National Sierra Club is No
Commercial Logging. Perhaps the Mackinaw should go back to the rank and file
membership, who voted for NCL.

A cessation of logging on public lands is not a simplistic nor a complete
answer to our severe environmental problems. It is a start. It is so wrong to
perpetuate a myth that the National Forest Protection and Restoration Act is
some sophomoric answer to a complex problem. An end to logging on  public
lands should drive the private and corporate sector to manage stocks better,
with fairer competition among smaller woodlot owners who cant compete with
corporate subsidized timber from federal lands. Something has to change!

To say that we cannot take land out of production because irresponsible
corporations will simply go to other countries or elsewhere to deforest is
like the dragon chasing its tail--endless. It sets no standard for moving
private and corporate stocks into sustainable practices. It is like hostage
taking, clear and simple.

I am also very concerned that the SC is not supporting or promoting
alternatives to tree fiber. As I said recently, the majority of logging going
on in the Northwoods is for paper. 

All you did in this post was reiterate the tired old history of Michigan
deforestation. We all know that history. Why is the Sierra Club MORE critical
of environmentalists who want to suspend logging, at the very least, until we
DO know more about what is going on, than the Forest Services outdated and
proven destructive forms of forestry? 

National Forests are being shut down all across the country. This is because
the courts are upholding our contentions that THEY (Forest Service) are not
using current and all available science in timber sale planning alternatives,
and often use "boiler plate" EA's, BE's and EIS's. Alabama is the most recent
state to suspend all logging on National Forests. Many more in the Heartland
forest region have also been suspended or severly reduced. 

  The Facts are in: Timber cut annually from national forests now comprises
only 3.9% of this nation's total annual wood consumption, and LESS than 5% of
the saw timber used for construction. (Ending Timber Sales on National
Forests: THE FACTS, Chad Hanson).

I have consciously veered from science in this post to appeal to your better
senses and humanity. This is not a dress rehearsal. Nothing in our history
that furthered democracy and a better quality of life has been easy or non
confrontational. Nothing hard is easy. 

The newspaper columnist Murray Kempton once remarked that "Walter Reuther is
 the only man I have met who could reminisce about the future."

I hope we can all learn to reminisce a little more about the future of
Michigan's fading Natural Heritage. Imagine the values and beauty that our
National and State Forests will hold for the world and our future if we save
them now. 

I hope we can work together in the future.

Sincerely hopeful,

Murray Dailey

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