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This notice may be of interest to enviro-mich folks - I hadn't had a chance to
sign up yet -- Anne Woiwode


There are other economies based on forests that don't involve cutting
them down. Often clear cutting forests ruin their other economic uses.
The non consumptive economic side of the forests is not well understood
and has lost economic share to the business of clear cutting forests.
A new listserve has been created amongst scientists, economists, and
forest communities to better understand and promote non timber forest
products (NTFP). It is called the NTFP-Biocultural-Digest.  The forest economies
that are threatened by the clear cutters include the harvesting
and selling of associated free range forest crops including edible ferns,
mushrooms, maple syrup, palms, gums and latexes, edible nuts,
fragrances, medicinals, and more. Included in non timber cutting
products are some animals and insects products that are renewable
and harvestable in standing mature forests that are not cut down.

NTFPs are harvested commercially and non-commercially (for
local population support) in all the world's forests. However, their
economy value is left out of most forest accounting books. The listserve
currently has over 600 members representing more than 25 countries.
To subscribe send an e-mail to majordomo@igc.org, leave the subject
line blank, in the body of the message put subscribe ntfp-biocultural-digest
<your e-mail address> . If you have questions or problems you can
contact the list editor Eric Jones at email  etjones@igc.org

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