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Re: E-M:/ Clearcut Smearcut! Kirtland Warbler??

Enviro-Mich message from "Tim Flynn" <tflynn@freeway.net>

I hope I've made it clear clearcutting is not appropriate on any forests in
Michigan.   But all even-age management is not the same.   And you can't
mimic natural disturbance in Michigan with out creating even-age patches of
forest.   That's because natural processes cause even-aged forest in the
pre-settlement landscape.

That doesn't mean I'm endorsing active management on all forest, quite the
contrary.   I support a multi-million acre native landscape conservation
system, but where management/logging is occurring they can do better and
banning even-age management is not doing better.   Changing the quality of
all type of management would be better.
> Folks,
> If clearcutting were actually a good management tool and cutover lands good
> for this warbler, there would be no shortage of the KW as there is an
> 0-20 age class forest in MI.

>It is the lack of mature forest/large roadless areas
> that is by far the number one concern for the protection and restoration of
> extirpated, threatened and endangered species in MI.
This is in fact where I spend most of my time and effort.   Michigan has an
old growth restoration policy, but is going almost nowhere with it.   I'd
encourage you, Murray, Frank and everyone else on this list to call John
Engler and K L Cool and ask that they get moving on it, now.   That'd be a
big help to those of use actively engaging the DNR in designating native
landscape conservation efforts.   We could use the public support.
> Clearcutting
> and other forms of even-aged management (along with development) are a
> major threats
> to species such as cold-water fishes that can not tolerate siltated steam beds
> reproductive success.
> It is time that activists stop buying into industry-funded
> research that rationalize more cutting and start using more common sense
> and unbiased
> science.  Follow the research funding money trail, folks!
> Karen Tuerk, GREEN
> Great Lakes ESA Organizer
Karen, the research I reference is not industry funded.  And all even-age
management is not the same, we need to be clear, about what part of
management is bad, creating even-age stands is not necessarily wrong, it is
the resulting texture of the landscape and the stand that count.

NO one on this list so far is buying into industry rationalizing, I'm just
saying you need to look carefully at platitudes from any source.

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