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Re: Re: E-M:/ Clearcuts Redux

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com

Mr. Allen,

Your missives--The courts are overwhelmingly upholding that the majority of US
Forest Service cutting is not legal, both procedurally (faulty and inadequate
EI's EA's EIS"s), and in violation of myriad laws. This can be proven here in
Michigan. Here are a few examples, some from our Region 9:

March 1997 - Shawnee National Forest, Illinois   An Appeals Court upheld

a ruling in favor of the Regional Association of Concerned

Environmentalists (RACE) that vacated the Forest Plan Amendment for the

National Forest and halted all commercial timber sales, off-road vehicle

trails, and oil and gas leasing.

September 1997 - Holly Springs National Forest, Mississippi   One week

after HEARTWOOD staff began examining timber sale documentation in

Mississippi, the Forest Service withdrew draft Environmental Assessments

for every proposed timber sale, a total of nine projects, rather than

face administrative challenges.

October 1997 - Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania   The Allegheny

Defense Project and HEARTWOOD halted the massive 31-million board feet

Mortality II salvage sale in Pennsylvania.  The court ruled that the

project could not continue without an Environmental Impact Statement.

May 1998 - Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia   A timber sale

was successfully appealed by HEARTWOOD because the Forest Service did

not consider alternatives to clearcutting.

June 1998 - Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky   Kentucky Heartwood

and Heartwood successfully sued the Forest Service to end all logging in

the forest until they work with US Fish and Wildlife to protect

endangered species.

July 1998 - Hoosier National Forest, Indiana   A lawsuit by

representatives of Heartwood, the Indiana Forest Alliance, and Protect

Our Woods successfully halted over 600 acres of clearcuts.

September 1998 - Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania   Lawsuits by

the Allegheny Defense Project and Heartwood resulted in the Forest

Service halting all timber sale plans until at least December 1999.

October 1998 - Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri   After repeated

pressure by Heartwood and Missouri Heartwood (8 timber sales stopped in

the past year), the Forest Service agreed to halt all timber sales plans

until they can prove they can protect the Indiana Bat.

Simply "claiming"  that commercial logging is legal, does not negate that the
ESA and other laws are being systematically broken, and does not negate
rampant lawbreaking. You are missing the point.

I would be glad to spend two or three weeks this spring showing you
consistent, rampant, and illegal logging and logging related activities. Yes,
unfortunatley the burden of proof is with us.

If you insist that logging is being done without lawbreaking, then it seems
pretty apparent to me that you do not spend large amounts of time methodically
investigating timber sales. 

I have viewed hundreds of timber sales. There is very little environmental law
enforcement in our National Forests. 


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