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E-M:/ Preemption of local forest regulations

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

Re: preemption of local regulations on forest practices

Discussions about such preemptions have been knocking around in Michigan for
most of this past decade -- it is nothing new, and came about at the same time
originally that laws were passed to preempt local wetlands regulations and
pesticide controls.  There are a handful of woodland protection ordinances in
local communities in the state, and at this time I don't recall what their
status is.  The forest industry has wanted preemptions to prevent controls on
practices as well as in some cases preemption of local road weight limits to
allow large trucks to go through communities instead of around them. 

On a separate note regarding local preemption, a current bill seeking
preemption of local authority over any type of farming operations is in the
Senate, SB 205, sponsored by Joel Gougeon.  This bill seeks to amend the MI
Right to Farm Act by simply stating that provisions of Right to Farm preempt
any zoning or noise ordinance.  While Michigan conservatives, including
the Governor, talk a lot about local control, what they mean in many cases by
"local" is concentration of power at the state level, preventing either
federal or local protection efforts.

Anne Woiwode

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