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E-M:/ Borrowed Time and Trap Hills Need YOU!

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com

The Hiawatha Forest Service has concluded that Road 2302 along the boundary of
Big Island Wilderness disqualifies Borrowed Time Logging Operation from
inclusion in the recent "road building moratorium." This based on 2-22-99
phone conversation with Hiawatha FS.

A revised Environmental Analysis (EA) is near completion to go out with a new
decision on this project. No time table for issuance of this EA was given
other than as little as a month but possibly longer. 

Logging in the Borrowed Time forest ecosystem would be a travesty. It is one
of many areas that should be off limits to logging regardless of any "fixed"
or predetermined road building moratorium policy. This policy is a poor
measure of quality of life and forest protection.

Including the Borrowed Time (Hiawatha NF) and Trap Hills (Ottawa NF) timber
sales in this flawed and inadequate moratorium was crucial, at the very least.
These forests provide lasting hope of preserving a devastated landscape and
securing essential habitat for native inhabitants such as Lynx, Timber Wolf,
Cougar etc.. 

 The last of the best wild lands are up for grabs and going fast!! 

Region 9 Forester Bob Jacobs and Chief Dombeck have the authority to include
these areas regardless of proximity to Rare II, roadless or wilderness
designations. Boundaries in the Trap Hills could be re-drawn with the stroke
of a pen to qualify. 

This is begging for crumbs from a flagrantly unflinching system. Failing to
include these areas was in blatant disregard of strong public support for

The US Forest Service is not bargaining in good faith by any means.

For the record, I would like to submit page 1.) from the Administrative Appeal
of the Borrowed Time logging operation. 

Anne Woiwode's (Sierra Club) earlier post failed to mention all of the groups
who did the work in filing this appeal. Unfortunatley, she was also premature
in announcing that this area would be protected under FS Chief Bombeck's

March 7, 1996, by Certified Mail
Return Receipt Requested

USDA Forest Service, Eastern Region
ATTN: Appeals Deciding Officer (RFO)
310 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 500
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Dear Sir/Madam

Enclosed please find our Appeal of the BTPS Timber Sale Final Environmental
Assessment, Decision Notice, and FONSI, signed by District Ranger Teresa
Chase, Munising Ranger District, Hiawatha National Forest, January 16, 1996.

The appeal is being filed on behalf of Michigan Biodiversity Project,
Northwoods Wilderness Recovery, Inc., Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition,
and the Sierra Club.

Contacts for the groups are: 

Doug Cornett, Northwoods Wilderness Recovery, Inc., PO Box 122, Marquette, MI,
49855, (906-228-5369

Dave Zaber, Michigan Biodiversity Project, 5301 Updyke Rd., Grass Lake, MI

Michael Huntly, Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition, 909 Bayshore, L'anse,
MI, 49946, (906)( 524-5441

Anne Woiwode, Sierra Club, 300 N. Washington Square, Suite 411, Lansing, MI
49833 (517) 484-2372

We look forward to a speedy and lawful resolution of the concerns raised


Michael Huntly,

For: Michigan Biodiversity Project, Northwoods Wilderness Recovery, Inc.,
Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition, and Sierra Club.


Northwoods Wilderness Recovery (NWR) has played an active role in the appeal
of the Borrowed Time timber sale. This includes submitting comments during
scoping and the Draft Environmental Assessment, conducting numerous field
visits to the project area (including one visit with the Forest Service
personnel), attending several meetings with Forest Service and corresponding
with Forest Service on issues concerning the project. NWR has also visited and
observed nesting Northern Goshawks in the project area on two separate

Please write now to Bob Jacobs and demand that the Borrowed Time and Old M-64
timber sales be withdrawn. 

We have some momentum. An earlier post on EM by NWR noted--"Public concern has
the Forest Service reconsidering a timber sale in the Ottawa National Forest
in Ontonagon County, northeast of Bergland. The sale area consists of about
1,100 acres east of Old M-64 in a scenic area known as the Trap Hills," writes
Mike Rhea at the  Houghton Daily Mining Gazette, MI. The Old M-64 sale is
actually 4400 acres.

Urge permanent protection of Trap Hills and Borrowed Time/Big Island
Wilderness/Scotts Marsh Greater Wild Lands complex. 

USDA Forest Service, Eastern Region
ATTN: Appeal Deciding Officer
310 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 500
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Send copies to:

Mike Dombeck, Chief
USDA Forest Service
P. O. Box 96090
Washington, DC 20090-6090

And your Representatives:

The Honorable ________
House Of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515

The Honorable ________
United States Senate
Washington D.C. 20510


Murray Dailey
Northwoods Wilderness Recovery

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