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              *********CALL FOR COSPONSORS ON LWCF BILL********

MI Activists,

On February 23rd, Representative George Miller and Senator Barbara  Boxer will be introducing landmark legislation to create long-overdue, permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). In addition, their bill will give hundreds of millions of dollars to federal, state and local projects to protect wildlife habitat.  This federal legislation will go a long way towards helping MI fund state and local conservation.

Both Congressman Don Young (R-AK) and Senator Frank Murkowski (R-AK) have also introduced their own versions of this bill.  Their bills would permanently fund LWCF, but would give hundreds of millions of dollars to states that allow offshore oil drilling for "coastal impact assistance". This sends the wrong message to states that have done the right thing by not allowing offshore oil development, and gives them an incentive (pools of money to go along with the pools of oil) to allow offshore oil development.  If that weren't enough, the money given to "coastal impact assistance" in Young and Murkowski's bills could be used for coastal development, including roads and bridges for oil companies to continue operations.

Unfortunately, the Young and Murkowksi bills have a head start on the Miller/Boxer bill.  They have already been introduced and are gaining support.  We need to support the Miller/Boxer bill to send the message to Congress that environmentalists support funding for increased wildlife and habitat protections, not increased offshore oil drilling.
The Miller/Boxer bill represent an enormous opportunity to win much-
needed funding to help protect America's wildlife and wildlands.  I
urge you to take the time to call Senators Abraham and Levin and your Congressional Representative today. Tell them to be an original cosponsor to Rep. Miller and Sen. Boxer's bill called "Permanent Protection for America's Resources 2000". So far, Rep. Bonior is the only MI representative on this legislation.

The Capitol switchboard number is:  1-202-224-2321.


Karen Tuerk, GREEN
Great Lakes Organizer
1121 University Ave.
Madison, WI  53715
(608) 294-1338 / ktuerk@execpc.com
Permanent Protection for America's Resources 2000

On February 23rd, Congressman George Miller and Senator Barbara Boxer will introduce a bill to permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and give millions more dollars to habitat and wildlife protection. Known as "Permanent Protection for America's Resources 2000 (PPAR 2000), the bill will have many of the same positive initiatives found in President Clinton's Lands Legacy Initiative with some notable improvements.  The bill's $2.5 billion in funding will be distributed in the following manner:

  o  $350 million distributed to states for the development and
     implementation of comprehensive native wildlife conservation
  o  $900 million to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
     This includes $450 million for federal land acquisitions and $450
     million for a state matching grant program for the purchase of lands
     or creation of recreation facilities;
  o  $300 million for grants to states and private entities for the
     development of restoration and management plans for ocean fish and
  o  $100 million towards incentives for endangered species protections
     by private landowners;
  o  $250 million for maintenance and restoration work on existing
     federal lands;
  o  $100 million for urban parks;
  o  $150 million for historic preservation; and
  o  $150 million for farmland and open space conservation.

Unlike two other bills in Congress that also permanently fund LWCF, the
Miller bill does not create incentives for increased offshore oil drilling
or allow funds to be used for coastal development.  In addition, funds
dispersed to state wildlife agencies for wildlife conservation will be
given to species with the most pressing need, raising the likelihood that
non-game and endangered species will benefit.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                           CONTACT: Joan Moody
Tuesday, February 23, 1999                     (202) 682-9400


Washington, D.C. - A broad range of citizen organizations
expressed support for the principles of the Permanent Protection
for America's Resources 2000 initiative to be introduced today
by Rep. George Miller (D-CA) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA).

The initiative provides guaranteed annual funding from the Land &
Water Conservation Fund -- at the level envisioned when the fund
was authorized several decades ago -- and other long-sought measures
to protect America's public lands, wildlife, and historical resources.

"Implementation of Permanent Protection for America's Resources
2000 would be a dream come true for conservationists," said Defenders of
Wildlife President Rodger Schlickeisen, speaking at the Capitol Hill
press conference today.  Selected comments submitted by environmental
leaders follow.

 "This far-sighted legislation is Defenders of Wildlife's top
legislative priority because it provides long-needed permanent
protection for the Land and Water Conservation Fund as well as
funding for endangered species recovery, restoration of public
lands, ocean fish and wildlife, and native wildlife and plant
programs." --Rodger Schlickeisen, President, Defenders of Wildlife

"Millions of acres within our national parks are still privately
owned and not protected because the federal government has failed
to acquire the lands America wants preserved. Resources 2000 will
provide the funding, not only this year, but in years to come, to
secure these treasured places for the ages." -- Tom Kiernan,
President, National Parks & Conservation Association

"Citizens in communities all across the country voted last fall for
over a hundred ballot and bond initiatives to protect America's
special places.  Now it's time for our lawmakers to catch up with
the American people.  The Congress should act quickly to pass this
popular bill." -- Carl Pope, Executive Director, Sierra Club

"Sen. Boxer and Rep. Miller have outlined an inspired vision for
protecting and restoring the irreplaceable elements of our heritage
for the future. This bill shows that we can find ways to protect all
our resources, including the ocean and its creatures, without the
danger of incentives for unnecessary offshore oil drilling.  We
applaud their effort and look forward to working with them to ensure
the vitality of our ocean and coastal resources for our children. "
-- David Younkman, Executive Director, American Oceans Campaign

"Resources 2000 is a bold, comprehensive approach to
conservation. The legislation directs money where it is desperately
needed: to purchase land for bird and wildlife habitat, to help
endangered species recover, and to fight sprawl.  Congressman Miller
and Senator Boxer are to be commended for charting the course of
conservation for the next century.  By providing permanent protection,
our children will be able to enjoy the splendors of our land and
wildlife." -- Dan Beard, Vice President for Public Policy, National
Audubon Society

"Working to protect special landscapes in our national parks,
forests, and refuges, and in communities across the country, we
have witnessed firsthand the pressing need for reliable federal
conservation funding -- and the losses that occur without that
federal support.  The Trust for Public Land is gratified by the
well-woven fabric of resource-protecting programs contained in this
bill, and we look forward to enactment of these vital provisions."
-- Will Rogers. President. Trust for Public Land

"The National Wildlife Federation's top priority for this Congress
is passage of significant long-term funding for wildlife and wild
places for both federal and state programs.  This proposal helps set
the parameters to achieve a bipartisan victory for conservation
funding this year." -- Mark Van Putten, President & CEO, National
Wildlife Federation

"Now that we have successfully moved past the Cold War and large
budget deficits, it is essential that we Americans invest in the
stewardship of our natural resources and the sustainability of our
environment for the benefit of our children and their children.
Permanent Protection for America's Resources 2000 is a bold
initiative to protect our precious natural and cultural heritage and
the quality of life for all Americans.  As we approach the
millennium we must pass this program as our generation's legacy for
the future." -- John Adams, President, Natural Resources Defense

Resources 2000 provides long-overdue funding for bipartisan
conservation initiatives which will help Americans protect natural
beauty, the character of their communities, and their heritage as we
move into the new millennium." --Meg Maguire, Executive
Director/President, Scenic America

"A healthy ecosystem is the bedrock of a healthy society.  The
Miller/Boxer bills will help to preserve the biodiversity we need for
the development of new medicines and vaccines, and safeguard the parks and
recreation areas so vital to human health and well-being. PSR is pleased
to add its voice to the chorus of support for this important legislation."
-- Robert K. Musil, Ph.D., Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility

"We applaud Rep. Miller and Sen. Boxer for their effort to
reinvigorate chronically under funded land acquisition programs and
provide much-needed funds to protect urban areas and open spaces and
conserve fish and wildlife. Resources 2000 will provide a substantial
down payment in the effort to preserve and protect our natural heritage
while protecting our coastal areas from increased offshore drilling."
--Gene Karpinski, Executive Director, U.S. PIRG

"America's Resources 2000 would significantly help our lands,
oceans, and creatures in the next millennium.  Rep. Miller and Sen.
Boxer have listened to the demand of the American people and are
pushing for critical, much-needed funding for the environment." --
Brent Blackwelder, President, Friends of the Earth

"It is vital that Congress adequately fund the programs that care
for the public's lands, whether in parks, national forests, wildlife
preserves, or historic sites. Without adequate funding, federal
stewardship of the public's lands will fall further and further
behind, and America's natural heritage will be lost to future
generations.  Congress ought to lay down the law: federal lands must
be kept safe, even added to, instead of treated as a national yard
sale for wealthy corporations to raid for cheap resources. The
Permanent Protection for America's Resources 2000 bill sends that
message loud and clear."  -- Philip E. Clapp, President, National
Environmental Trust

"We welcome Rep. George Miller's proposal that joins with the
Administration's initiative and the previously introduced Senate and
House bills, calling for full funding for the Land and Water
Conservation Fund and much-needed support for fish and wildlife to
state agencies. We are especially encouraged by the expressed
commitment of all parties to work cooperatively on these proposals
with all those who have a stake in the nation's natural resources to
craft a landmark conservation bill in this Congress." -- Paul Hansen,
Executive Director, Izaak Walton League of America

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