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E-M:/ Ultimate Tour

Enviro-Mich message from Julie Stoneman <juliemec@voyager.net>

For the second year in a row, the Michigan Farm Bureau and
the Rural Development Council of Michigan are organizing
The Ultimate Farmland Preservation Tour, a five day tour (March 25-29) of
some of the best farmland protection and innovative land use programs in
the country.  Tour participants will visit Pennyslvania, Maryland and New
Jersey--in many ways leaders among states addressing sprawl--and get
first-hand knowledge of smart growth options from land use experts.
Agricultural security areas, purchase and transfer of development rights,
urban growth/services boundaries and other sustainable development
strategies will be explored.

Last year's participants included farmers, environmentalists, members of
the faith community, elected officials (including two legislators)and
others interested in protecting farmland from sprawl.  It's a great
opportunity to travel with other Michiganders who are interested in
developing smart growth principles at home
and in the state.

Cost of the trip is $550 BUT ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT (and see limited
scholarship opportunity below). If you can't make it March 25-29, encourage
your elected officials to attend or ask your municipality to send someone.
This is positively the best opportunity to learn more about land use
programs that could work in Michigan and provide the information you need
to counter the naysayers back home.  Contact:  Dennie Olson, Public Policy
Division, Michigan Farm Bureau at 517-323-6560.

The Michigan Economic and Environmental Roundtable has four scholarships
available for the Ultimate Farmland Tour.  To be eligible, individuals must
be working on
sustainable development initiatives in their community,
preferably in partnership with a broad cross section of interests.  In
addition, the Roundtable wants the scholarships to go to each of the
* A member of a local chamber of commerce,
* A representative of an environmental organization,
* A farmer, or
* A representative of an organization that is addressing 
urban redevelopment.

Finally, scholarship recipients must be willing to share
their tour experiences with broader audiences and participate in a
statewide coalition promoting smarter growth.

If you meet the above requirements, please briefly explain why by email,
fax, or mail and send to the address below.  You will not get a response
before March 15, 1999.

Julie Stoneman
Director of Land Programs
Michigan Environmental Council
119 Pere Marquette Dr., Suite 2A
Lansing, MI  48912
Ph:	517-487-9539
Fax:	517-487-9541
Email:	juliemec@voyager.net
Web:	www.mienv.org  

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