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Enviro-Mich message from "Robert E. Marshall" <ac459@tcnet.org>

I sent a letter to the Det News re Sirico.  I attach it:
          	Beware grafting environmental ideology on to orthodox
faith, says Fr. Sirico of the ultra-conservative Acton Institute of Grand
Rapids in his column of March 4.  
          	Beware removing environmental ideology from orthodox faith
would have made for  a more timely and prophetic column.  We really dont
need the abusive misuse of the Genesis dicta to tell us to multiply and
control the earth in these days of global warming and our attempts to undo
the results of generations of sprawl and massive pollution.  
          	The earth is indeed the Lords because it is His creation,
and we are called to look upon the glories and beauties of nature as prime
examples of Gods hand at work in the cosmos as Sirico tells us.  But if
the lens through which we see Gods hand as author is so distorted that we
come away with a perverse view of His work, what then?
          What if we see it through a miasmic atmosphere that not only
smells bad but destroys the lungs of the young  as well as the old?  We
need to prevent future occurrences like spraying Times Beach with dioxin
and covering chemical wastes with houses and schools.  
          	State restrictions do not impede the creativity of the
human spirit unless the examples cited are representative of this
creativity.  Increase in  material prosperity that flows from free
enterprise is not an unmitigated good, we have found, and does need to be
controlled for the common good.  
          	The teachings of religion also caution us about the
difficulty in serving God and mammon and that the rich man may have some
problems ultimately in squeezing through the eye of a needle.  Fr. Sirico
seems to have placed too little stress on this aspect of the teachings of
religion in his paean to modern unmitigated capitalism.
          Robert E. Marshall
          1966 S. Lake Leelanau Dr.
          Lake Leelanau, MI 49653

                       Robert E. Marshall, 
                          FESTINA LENTE

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